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Distress Ink Holder

Hello Crafters

Back from Ally Pally and oh my what a great experience it was too! We had to queue up when we first arrived, all be it for 10 minutes or so (that’s what you get for getting there early and having a coffee instead of keeping your eye on the ball). Whilst in the queue, I met two lovely ladies from Croydon, and we spent time chatting and I was given a discount voucher for Samuel Taylors stall. I didn’t get the chance to meet them again, but I’d like to say a big thank you as I saved £6 with it.

One of the reasons I like to go to these things is because you meet so many lovely like minded people.

I met my favourite Stamp people, Inkylicious, Visible Image, and although I saw Sue Wilson a number of times, I wasn’t lucky enough to get to speak to her, and I got to see John Next Door, but again he was teaching, and I didn’t get to talk to him either 😦 However, I did get to see a new stamping shop called Honey Doo Crafts and I bought some of their stamps and am now hooked on them, and had a bit of a chat with them too. All in all a wonderful day, and yes, my bank manager is crying now, but he doesn’t know just how much I saved!

The one thing I went there for, was Stamp Away i.e. Clever Cut goodies, one of which was the Distress Ink Storage unit, and so glad to say that I got exactly what I wanted! Unfortunately, the other thing I wanted was nowhere to be found! There was an alternative amongst the Stamp Away units, but it was the actual Spectrum Noir holder that I had set out for.

When we got home we were pooped, so we had a nice meal and settled in front of the TV, after examining all the spoils of course! So on my awakening on Sunday, I immediately set about putting together and decorating, after all, that’s the best bit making it your own!

20150412_212925 20150412_212952As you can see here, I wanted to use all the distress ink colours in the design, so I started out by measuring and cutting panels from 300 gsm White Card to fit top and sides.

Using a blending mat, I then took the ink pad and splodged it on the blending mat, and spritzed with water. Using a small paint brush, paint from the edge where the ledge sticks out back to the recess point, where the ink pad will live. I then easily find where they come from when I go to put them back. It also helps choose colour mixes when creating. Along the edge and division pieces, I painted with Walnut stain mixed with water.

Next I took a sponge and using the same ink pad, blended the ink in a small area on one of the cut panels. I only used each ink once.

20150412_212614 As you can see, even the very pale colours can be seen quite clearly and it makes a wonderful design feature too.

Once all the panels were filled with colour, I took a mixture of my favourite stamps and black ink, and simply stamped my heart out until I was completely satisfied the design justified the Distress Ink Image.

Once all the ink was dry, I attached to the unit using Modge Podge Matt Glue and Finisher.

20150412_212346Would you believe that this started out as plain MDF?

Once the inks had dried and the water had sunk away, the colour left behind was truly amazing, and I now have courage to make a lot more things using MDF. There were many different cut out shapes at the stall at Ally Pally, and I now have loads of ideas for presents for the family, if I can find the time to fit it all in!

Well obviously there are lots of stamps and things that need my attention, demanding as it is, I am only too willing to test them all 🙂

Have a wonderful crafty weekend


Kim x

Ideas To Inspire

Stamp Storage Idea.

Hello Crafters!


Apologies for not posting sooner, but my poor computer was having blue screen fits and I had to take it to a doctor who has now solved the problem. In the coming month it will have a new brain too, so hopefully we won’t get many more problems! In the meantime, I have been crafting, as always and looking at storage problems I have, and trying to think of ways to solve them. Well I am really pleased with myself for coming up with this one! It may well be that it has already been a tried and tested method of someone else, but I genuinely have not seen this anywhere, not even on Pinterest!

It is so simple, easy and cheap and that is always a good combination!

I was forever changing the way I stored my stamps but the only way I liked was already staring me in the face with the Justrite Stamps. The red rubber stamps already come with the acrylic covered sheet and I love this, but not the clear stamps, so I decided to make my own. I had already purchased the white acrylic stamping system advertised but I hated keeping it in a A4 lever arch file, so I devised my own plan, and hopefully someone else will find it useful too.


  • You will need a laminator & A4 laminating sheets
  • A5 Medium Thickness Craft Card
  • Corner Punch
  • Packaging that came with your stamps.


  1. Using the craft card cut 2mm off all round then round the corners.
  2. Using the card insert that came with your stamps, attach to one side of the card.


  3. On the other side, attach the label carrier backwards.

20150404_123622  4. Place inside laminating pouch and make sure you leave 2mm edge all round in order to seal. I did 2 at a time, so make sure you have a gap between them as you will need to cut them apart and they will need to have an edge round both of the cards.

5. Lay your stamps in the correct place and then place the piece of acetate over the top to stop the stamps from sticking to each other. I add a piece of clear sticky tape to the top of the clear acetate to stop it falling off.

If you don’t have any usable packaging that came with your stamp, simply stamp the image on a piece of card and you can then laminate, and use the blank side as storage.


There you have it, a really simple easy stamp storage solution that doesn’t cost the earth. The laminator I bought was from The Range. The laminating sheets you can buy there too.

I hope this helps with all your stamps as you can use and size these as you want, so even the smallest can be put into nice neat boxes!

2015-04-04 14.21.35

It is now so easy to use and if you want to, you can catalogue them and write a number on them before you laminate, so you can always find them. I didn’t think of it before I started but you can buy permanent pens and write on the laminated surface that way.

Well I’m off to craft a little, before I start cooking a wonderful authentic Italian Lasagna, with fresh pasta, herbs and home cooked cheese sauce….yummy!

Have a wonderful Easter, and keep crafting


Kim x

Hand Made Cards

Stickles Storage!

Hello Crafters!

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent. Life has been just like the weather too much, and unfortunately not enough hours in the day to do all I love to do!

Anyway, this is just a quick post and again pinterest is too blame!

I saw a post about how to store your craft things with a wonderful idea highlighted by my card making guru Becca Feeken, so I got some time today and finally put it into practice. This is such a wonderful idea I just had to try it, and here is the result…..

It really was so simple and took about half an hour to put together, once I had all the bits.


  1. Purchase some 15mm hook and loop sticky backed material and an A4 acrylic stand. I bought all mine through ebay and altogether it cost around £7 for everything.
  2. I then measured 4 pieces of hook tape and cut to the width of the A4 acrylic stand.
  3. Using a stickle bottle I measured the height of the bottle and stuck the hook tape onto the A4 acrylic stand so it was roughly in the middle of the bottle height.
  4. I then cut thin slivers of the loop and stuck on the back of the stickle bottle.
  5. Hey presto…..Stickle Storage….. and anything else you can use this way.

The only thing I will say is make sure you use the hook on the A4 acrylic stand otherwise it will be rough on your fingers if you stuck it to the bottle.

Also my acrylic stand wasn’t very thick so get something that has a bit of strength so it doesn’t bounce around like mine 🙂

Happy Stickles Storage Day