Husband Anniversary Card

Hello Crafters

How has your week been? Hopefully a lot better than mine 😦

You see a very dear old friend of mine called Mrs Pfaff (My Sewing Machine) has been poorly for a little while, coughing, spluttering, hiccuping and generally making me do everything more often than needed to and I kept putting off taking her to that big ol’ sewing machine surgery but it appears that Mr Kim had been monitoring the skirmish, and decided that he was calling time on my weekly battle to drag this poor ol’ dear, kicking and screaming any further, (and before I had no hair left to pull out!) to the magician who I was hoping would be kind and tell me he could give her oil to joint resuscitation, but my fears were realised when he said those immortal words – you know the ones often repeated today – ‘I’m sorry to say, we can no longer get the parts!’

“Whattttt? But she is merely 42 years old! This cannot be true” Swooning, I almost blanche white.

The not so much of a magician said ‘I think she has done you proud but I cannot do anything for her……but we have the equivalent model here?” A wry smile on his face.

Well, I felt like it was a conspiracy to say the least, first the mixer now the sewing machine, I dread to think what next, seriously!!!! So we went away and mulled it over, he gave me the trade in price and it already had money off, and I checked the internet and it wasn’t any cheaper, so we decided we would bow to the demand.

We trundled home and I must admit a little excited after my initial shock eager to test my machine. Mr Kim disappeared down the allotment, happy that I was content with my new toy, and after 3 hours I had produced my lovely little dog coat, with a self made pattern, and all that was left was just to add the velcro, so of we go a quiet, gentle hum of the machine when snap went the cotton! Darn it, pulled out the bobbin, check it, re-thread, pull out the cotton, check it, re-thread, and off we go again, tickety, tickety, tick, snap! Darn not again, so we do it all again! Tickety, tickety, tick, thump! Mr Kim is taking it back to the shop on Monday as it just won’t move an inch! Is it me or does anyone else have this sort of luck! However, when it was working it was a joy, and I finished little lads coat by hand, and quite proud of myself until that happened!

He has been wearing this yesterday and today, and pleased to report that it has passed the pull test, and he looks mighty fine too!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a card I made the other day for a friend who wanted to wish her hubby a Happy Anniversary after 33 years, what an achievement!

Items Used:

I took loads of photos trying to capture the background card here as it was so beautiful, but still don’t think I managed it. It has like a beautiful rainbow glittered effect. Still he loved the card and that’s the main thing.

Have a great week everybody, dreading tomorrow, just hope my new little lady recovers quickly (or Mr Magician may ban me from sewing 😜)!


Kim x

Devine Floral Birthday!

Hello Crafters

Hope your weekend has been full and happy. Ours has been a very busy one, in fact I don’t think we have had much chance to breathe let alone anything else.

On Saturday we had a lovely morning shopping in town and before that we went to our local tea rooms for a little breakfast start, as Mr Kim needed sustenance before he was dragged around the shops. Quaint vintage feel place with great food and wonderful service for reasonable cost. Thoroughly enjoyable so if you are in the area visit Remedy Tea Rooms. We then set off to get bits and bobs, namely clothes that fit for me as my Boss said I looked like a ‘down and out’ in my clothes that were too big for me!

Once home we then literally dropped everything got ready, changed and off to my nephews 40th barbecue and my sister-in-laws birthday too. It was a lovely afternoon catching up with everyone.

For my sister-in-laws birthday I made the Hunkydory Note-lets Set, as she does a lot of handwritten notes for her son’s charity The Aaron Lewis Foundation Charity, so I knew it would come in handy, and here is the card I made:

Items Used:

I must admit the colour of this ribbon is really beautiful and it matched the distress ink Tumbled Glass edges perfectly.

Well that’s it for me, got to go make some scones for it’s not home without a cake in the house!

Have a lovely week


Kim x