Playing with Hunkydory

Hello Crafters

Hope your week is going well, I know the weekend went way to quick, and I for one didn’t want to go back to work, but if we want to buy nice things, we have to have this sinful stuff called money, wonga, wedge, wads, whatever terminology you wish to use, unfortunately we need it, and I am still looking for the tree Mum was always talking about…… know, when she use to say ‘And do you expect me to go pick the money off the trees……….?’

While I was off on Good Friday, I seem to have boundless energy (could do with some of that right now), I was like a woman possessed, we did so much that day, and then in the afternoon I managed to get in my craft room. Didn’t plan it, something just grabbed me in there and wouldn’t let me out until I had ‘performed’! I think it was my CBB fault (Craft Buddy Bestie) as she sent me some pictures of what she had made with her Hunkydory stash, and it was beautiful, which got right in that ol’ brain of mine. It must be the guilt of knowing I had bought something recently and not used it.

I purchased the Deco Shimmer pack, it was on special as a member, and there is no doubt it was a beautiful pack, but just hadn’t got round to doing anything with it, so Good Friday was obviously the day of reckoning. Here’s what I made:

KSC - Deco Shimmer Apr 17 (1)

There were a lot of items in this pack, and what you see here took about 2 1/2 hours. It consists of:

  1. Writing Pack – you can make your own writing set, and in this pack they gave you the case and the matching paper pack to go with it, but you need to make up the envelopes (another job to do!)


  2. Cards that incorporate bookmarks – these are my favourites and look stunning.

    I added a second sentiment and picture to the back of the bookmark, but you don’t have to, you can keep them and make another card out of them.

  3. Twisted Accordion Card – Now I’m not to sure on this one, took the longest out of all of them, and although I followed the instructions, I wasn’t keen on how it finished up. I only made one of the 4 you get, but will do it my way next time.

    I personally think the gold covered card panel should be on the outside, but the way they showed you how to make it was with it on the inside, I will swap that when I make the rest. Personal choice though I think, but still beautiful.

    The pack still included lots of gold foiled card bases, loads of foil embossed toppers, decoupage and other toppers that I have yet to play with. They were just so beautiful I had to share.

Well enjoy the rest of your week, I’m off to research some more scrapbooking bits, having a bit of nightmare with my current project!


Kim x

A Little Christmas Magic

Hello Crafters

Well by now I would think that your creative side has been put through the mill and you have all been crafting your little fingers to the bone to get those christmas cards done! Totally sympathise as I have been doing the very same thing myself. Thought I had it all covered, thinking I had started so much earlier this year….but oh boy was I wrong! So worked like a trojan Saturday, to get the last of them done, but as they say, you save the best till last, so I would like to share this tiny little box, that is bursting full of christmas spirit!

I wanted it to be full of Christmas cheer when it was open, ‘full’ being the operative word, and I think you can safely say that was achieved 🙂

I used a pre-cut box I purchased from Hunkdory Crafts, and they were really reasonably priced! They are called Mini Pop Up Box, but you can fit quite a bit in there if you don’t mind a bit of jiggery pokery, like us crafters do! They come completely blank, so the box is your oyster, so to speak, fill your boots!

The dies used on this box were:

All the card used except the red mirri card (own stash) was from Papermill Direct.

Well I hope these pictures show the beauty of this little piece of Christmas magic.

That’s it for now, hope you have a wonderful crafty week 🙂


Kim x