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Sunshine & Flowers!

Hello Crafters

What a wonderful Sunday it has been, warmth for everyone to enjoy, and I hope you have had a lovely day.

It has been pretty busy here, I have been baking cupcakes, making a skirt and dress (doesn’t look much here but looks smashing on), card making and long walks with our little lad and a home grooming session, as well as catching up with family, and all while starting to arrange the house sale!

I can’t share the cards with you until next weekend but I have a few pictures of the garden and our little lad, so I am going to keep you in suspenders on the cards until then.

The story of our little lad is that we were attending regularly a groomers near our home, and it was great, but the main groomer has just had a baby and gone on maternity and she left her mum and an apprentice to take appointments, which are now a minimum wait of 9 weeks (by which time little lad looks like Chewbacca!)

I gave him to the young girl and said ‘As it will be a while please cut him a little shorter but everything the same as last time please’

‘Okay, that’s fine’ was the reply.

Mr Kim collected him for me, and he said ‘As soon as I saw him, I knew it weren’t right’, so he walked in and I just looked, you know the one where your heart sinks to the floor!

We were told sometime ago never to cut his coat on the back, as it would remove the colour, and it would never grow the same again, advice I heeded for 2 years might I add. He was always cut on his rear end (as it would become the best fishing net ever), his tail trimmed (to avoid him tripping over it), his legs and paws (so they didn’t become the bestest mop in the world, bless him, they are so short!), and his bib (so he stopped his impersonation of a gorilla), so all round the bottom, and trim the sides (to stop him looking like Dougal from the Magic Roundabout)! Imagine my horror when I saw him, and they had done EXACTLY the opposite, cut all the back and left the bottom………I could have cried. I couldn’t even take photos of him. So Mr Kim was speaking to his customer, telling her about what happened, and noticed the groomer who was there  and she stated that she had used her for years and she comes to your house, and Mr Kim said how good she was with the doggy woggy and I said ‘Ok, can’t get any worse and we need to fix the mess before Will becomes depressed!’, so Wednesday came the knock at the door, and I peeked out and thought, ‘Hey, I know that face!’ I answered the door to find our new groomer was in fact a lovely lady I meet regularly at a favourite walking spot!

She confirmed my fears that they have in fact ruined his coat, and she will do the best she can to put it right, but it will take a few cuts, and I am so pleased with all she did, I can now take a photo. It was a lovely afternoon of chat and recovery and here he is:

The first picture is the before picture, you can see the beautiful long layers on top, this is what he looks like now AFTER Rea managed to get some order, you wouldn’t believe the before, honestly! That’s only one rant I have, but it’s enough for now.

To end on a brighter note, the garden is amazing, full of colour, so I took some photos for you to make you smile

The thing that made me smile most was that yellow rose, planted in memory of mum, and it’s the first ever bloom, isn’t it beautiful 🙂

Have a lovely week, and thank you for reading my rant, it’s you people that keep me going when life gets hard.

Have a beautiful week people


Kim x

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Wedding Wishings!

Hello Crafters

How are you? We started our day off with a lovely walk in the park this morning, and little lad certainly enjoyed it. He found great pleasure running round the circular rose beds with a big smile, absolutely loved it. We found a beautiful white rose there which was so fragrant, so it added a beautiful scent to the air. Must have been all that fragrance that made Will run ragged!

So thinking of the white rose, reminded me of a couple of wedding cards I made for someone a few weeks ago. I won’t take credit for the idea, I found that on Pinterest, as you do when inspiration is running low, but I did some tweaking (as I do with everything) and made a beautiful keepsake box to keep it in.

Wedding Card One

This was the first one, and it is made using 300 gsm White Card stock from Papermill Direct. The die used was Marianne Designs Creatables Anjas Filigree Heart. Such a beautiful die and cuts so well, and the detailing is incredible. The Mr & Mrs was from Creative Expression Shadow Box Accessories  and this fitted perfectly across the centre.

Wedding Card Two

Although it looks similar, there was a white backing on the front of the trifold, so the centre had a solid centre section. I took pictures using a white and black background for both so the detail is easier to see.

On the finished card, the inside of the box and card contained the initals and date of the event, but I took these before I added them.

I was pleased with both of them, and although they are quite small cards, the impression left is mighty!

Have a wonderfully crafty week.


Kim x

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Happy Anniversary!

Hello Crafters

Hope you are having a lovely easy sunday, sometimes to ‘Chillax’ is all we need to feel ready to take on the world. That was my intention today, but fatally, I picked up a cloth….and she’s off! Polishing, hoovering and 2 re-arranged rooms later, I finally sit here to write the blog! My Mum always said ‘Put a cloth in her hand and watch her go!’ Lol 🙂

So although I made 2 cards, I’m not sure if they are good enough for you my friends, so I am sharing a card I made a little while ago for my son’s 1st Anniversary bless! When I ordered this die I didn’t look at the size, and I was really surprised when it turned up, and I couldn’t decide if it was a ‘good’ bigger or not! So only one way to find out eh! This was made using the new Spellbinders Stacey Caron Fairmont Labels and Fairmont Decorative Accent dies.

The decorative accent does have really beautiful embossing and can be used for male cards, but the Labels are beautiful, especially for card bases, as the largest die is 13.3 cm sq. (5 1/4″).

Yesterday my friend came round and we were looking at different things, and it was so good to spend time with someone who shares a passion as you do. She really is such a lovely lady, and isn’t it amazing how someone can just mention a small thing, and it sets you off on a tangent to craft.

Hope your inspiration surges this week.


Kim x