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Playing with Parchment

Hello Crafters

She Sells Parchment (3)

Just a quick drop in tonight, as it has been a very busy day, with it being Dad’s day, and having family round. It’s always good to catch up and enjoy family company., but that means that I haven’t got as much time as I would have liked to spend with you!

So what have you all been up to? I had a project planned to share with you but it didn’t get received by the recipient yet, so don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I will share with you next time, so today there is some little projects I have been trying out.

A few years ago I was busy with making Parchment cribs, which use to take at least 5 days of hard graft, although they did look beautiful when finished,

but that was done by mapping out the pattern with a white pen, and then embossing and shading with the parchment tools, but Clarity has now bought out the Groovi system, that takes all the fussy mapping and pattern tracing away, and leaves you the fun bit of just creating.

So I have been dabbling and playing with the Groovi board, and I followed the directions to make my first…..

Groovi Daisies (2)

…then took inspiration from that and tried again….

She Sells Parchment (2)

…then went it alone (I know, so brave!), and here it is…..

Green Wren Parchment (1)

They are not a quick fix idea, but every single one will be different, and it certainly is a relaxing way to spend an evening…(and get away from the football and the EU discussions!)

So all in all I was quite pleased, here’s a few mix and match of them…

I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening, and all those dad’s have a wonderful loved feeling tonight! In a couple of  weeks I have something very special lined up and can’t wait to share!

See you soon


Kim x

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A Little Fairy Magic!

Hello Crafters

Just a quick pop in today, been so busy, not had a chance to sit down and have a chat with you, so today I was determined to pop in with a little project I did a little while ago, so here goes!

Probably like most of you, I do love Clarity Stamps, and my favourites are the Word Chains and Wee Fairies. I also used Prickly Shrubs by Inkylicious, another favourite. So using these and Tim Holtz distress pads, I made the background with Dusty Concord, Chipped Sappire, Shaded Lilac and Wilted Violet. To give it that starry look, I simply spritzed with a fine spritzer and then blotted with paper towel, but try to use plain towel or it may leave the pattern on the paper. Unfortunately, you can’t see the sparkle, but I got the moon to look like this with Spectrum Noir Clear Sparkle Pen, it picked up a little of the black ink and then I moved it around and it created a grey hue which sparkles. I also sparkled the Fairy wings, birds, flowers and various other bits.

So turned out just as I pictured, and loved the stamping, it was one of those ‘creative days’ and I made others too, that I will share with you on another day.

That’s it for now, so take care and happy crafting.


Kim xxx

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Over Stamping

Hello Crafters

Well it has been a while but we all know the reason why, furry cute little thing has been wearing me out! I forgot what it was like to be kept up half the night, and it is just like having a baby all over again. Still it won’t be forever and he is growing rapidly. We can take him out for his first walk next week, and that will help to calm him down (she says with a look of hope!).Kim Styles Cards

Kim Styles Cards

Now although I have been busy, I have managed to make a couple of cards, and these were for family members, but I was really pleased with how they came out. Although I have been making cards for years, I was hooked on the die templates and building layered cards, but over the last 4-5 months, I have definitely fallen in love with stamping,and these cards were made using masking and overstamping. Simple but effective.

I stamped the image of ‘Megan’ by Julie Nutting using Memento Black Ink. I stamped again on a piece of thick card and cut around the outer edge and between the arm and body. Reason I suggest thick card is I like to keep these and re-use them as long as I can and if you use thin card or paper, often the ink goes through and leaves marks on the image you are masking. Once they are ready using re-positionable tape, tape over the top of the stamped image, making sure you line up exactly.

I then chose a background imagine, which in these two cards, were Justrite Sweet Vines and Bokeh Polka Dot. Ink up the stamp well, these are 4 1/2″ x 5 1/4″ so quite big, I used Distress Inks because they are wetter and gives you a bit more time to position them, and then stamp over the top of the masked image.

I then just went round the edge with a thin black fineliner pen, using different patterns, and it just finishes it off. I can remember doing this when I was in Secondary School!

The sentiment on the left were made with WMS Compact Family, and if your quick they are half price at the moment, so go grab a bargain! On the right Clarity stamps Word Chain 3 was used and they also have a fantastic offer – If you buy 3 sets you get the 4th free and a free set of Clarity mounts. All in all you save around £20 so well worth a look even if the bank manager will cry!

Both layers were mounted with Silver Mirra card and the main card base was made using Papermill Card, and I can’t find better to be honest and reasonable price. They have just made it possible to buy White and Coloured card together so it’s even better.

2015-06-13 09.18.14

Kim Styles CardsFor the inside, I  just used the same background stamps, but paler colours and stamped sentiments using Phil Martin’s Sentimentally Yours.

Finished the edges the same way too.

So there you have it, it can be one of those cards that you fall back on, and I must admit I have ordered some more of these Julie Nutting stamps, as they are quite versatile and fun. Oh I nearly forgot, I coloured the images with Spectrum Noir, shading into the skirt to give it more depth. I’m not expert but I am still learning and that’s the fun with this, there is always something to learn and you never get bored!

So that’s it for now. Life is calming down a bit and I have cards to make tomorrow, which I am looking forward to, but just before I go I obviously have to share what our little man is like now, I think he needs a haircut already, and the vet did say he will probably take after his Mum, Ihasa Apso, so I guess I need to go find a grooming parlour eh 🙂

Kim Styles Cards

Please don’t say awwww….he’s just run off with my other half’s shoe, must dash


Kim x