Fairy Exploding Box

Hello Crafters

How has you’re weekend been so far? Well this weekend has felt like I’ve been on a cyber ride running along at 200 miles an hour, I’m positive it was Friday afternoon 5 mintues ago, so where it’s gone I do not know…..if you see a Friday evening whizz past, chased by Saturday and followed by a rapid Sunday, can you trip them up please and send them back!

It has been a lovely journey though, as Friday saw the arrival of my friend’s birthday, and I couldn’t wait to give her the very special gift I had prepared for her, not a card but a box, and you all know I love making my boxes. This one saw the start a while ago, when I made some wonderful columns out of ordinary white card, and done my best to make them look like ruins, which I am proud to say I think they do but that is for you to decide in a moment when I give you the Exploding Fairy Box.

Now this box took 7 dedicated hours of painting, colouring, stamping, distressing and building, and I enjoyed every single minute, being lost in the world of Fairy Folk! No ordinary Fairies, but tiny little fairies that require only a box to live in.

I made a base box, and the instructions for this can be found on my other blog post. Remember that each box I make is different depending on what height is needed to accommodate all of the pieces.

The majority of the images were Lawn Fawns Fairy Friends stamp and dies, Puffy Clouds die, Lawn Fawn Forest Border, Lawn Fawn Stitched Mountain Border Die, Mama Elephant Grassy Trio, Creative Expressions Trailing Ivy, Spellbinders Curved Square & Decorative Curved Square. I think that’s it! The columns were entirely made by me with no die just my imagination! (There is a brain in there somewhere lol!).

Saturday appeared and this was my once a year card glass with a lovely group of ladies from Great Wakering, and we spent a few hours together making cards, which really flew by, but it was a lovely day, and we even had some lovely new faces too! I am considering having an evening card sessions once a month at home to see if I could actually make this a regular thing, and help others learn new things, so I was inspired by these lovely ladies.

Sunday was Mr Kim’s birthday, and we went for a birthday meal at Toby, with a few family members, so that was great too. I was very good and didn’t have too many things I shouldn’t, but I think Mr Kim had a bit too much, but that is what birthdays are all about!

So all in all, a really lovely weekend with lots of lovely people! I am feeling truly blessed to know so many wonderful people 🙂

Here’s wishing you a happy week ahead.


Kim x

Under The Sea!

Hello Crafters

Under The Sea Box (1)

Kim Styles Card|Under The Sea

Well a couple of weeks ago I promised to share something special with you. I recently met a lovely lady who is a nurse, and has been studying to pass some exams, and having worked in a surgery, I understand how hard working, and beneficial nurses are to an everyday working surgery life, as well as being so important to the patients themselves. When I discovered that she was adding more strings to her bow, I had nothing but admiration for her, as working hours are long, and sometimes nurses get the raw end of the deal. To celebrate her achievement, I wanted to give her something special and to let her know how proud she should feel, and to top it all, it turned out she’s a crafter too!

Well I wanted to experiment with an idea, so this is what I came up with. It appears as nothing more than one of those fold flat to post boxes, and you are right, with some colourful characters thrown in to celebrate the occasions, and these are a mix of Lawn Fawn Critters in the Sea, Scripty Sayings and Mama Elephant Whale Wishes.

The box I calculated and made myself as I wanted something a little bit bigger than the Spellbinders Box Die and I cut the edges with Lawn Fawn Stitched Hillside Borders. Now I agree this is nothing special but, it’s what you can’t see that I am so pleased with….just lift the front flap and…….

I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to see what is under the sea too? So the scene was created for all the colourful creatures that we don’t get to see above the water, and the bottom of the box becomes a whole new world, making use of all that wasted space!

I shall leave you to decide what you think, all I know is I couldn’t find anything else quite like it, hence why it is the special box.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and the lovely sunshine today.


Kim xx

Mother’s Day Gifts & Cards

Hello There Crafters!

I know it has been a while since my last post, but boy have we been busy, shifting, moving, working, and crafting! A lot has been happening but it has now all ‘happened’ and hopefully we can now slow down a bit and get back to a ‘normal’ routine (whatever that is)!

So I have now moved into my new abode and it is ‘full’ to say the least but it is very cosy and homely, and we are very contented with all our efforts. Next week, my lovely brother, is putting some more storage cupboards in to the craft room, and that should clear the rest of the homeless stuff into a hidden mess, so we can then get down to the more serious business of crafting! 🙂

So what have I managed to fit in, in-between the lifting and shifting, well let’s see!


I decided to make a Mother’s Day card but I wanted to incorporate a gift also, as Mum loves my creations, so although I started off with a card in my head, it ended up with a gift attached! (It’s the big card in the middle!) I am thrilled with the results, so much so, I created 4 more! They too were a bit of a challenge, as it was one of those days yesterday where everything that could go wrong did…. but I soldiered on and won the war HA! So here are the trophies…


20150308_160824 All of these were made around a box or loose chocolates. So you have the complete ideal present….Beautiful card, box of chocolates and a gift bag all in one. What more could a Mum want….who said Wine?……..hhmmm that may well be another challenge!

20150308_161023I hope to have made a few variations between the different projects, and there is hopefully something to suite everyone. 20150308_160915

Being Mum’s day, pink did seem to have a big influence, in many ways.

Last week I made just a few cards in boxes, before the inspiration hit me that a gift would be nice, and these I was just as pleased with…. 20150305_224125

This background stamp is so beautiful…….I purchased it from Crafty Individuals. There are so many stamps there I am like a kid in a candy shop!

20150305_224032The stamp is called Baroque Splatter Script Background. It is unmounted red rubber and the prices are all really reasonable…go have a look, bet you buy something!

20150305_224447I also was naughty and bought this Justrite background stamp from Once Upon a Stamp. I had my eye on it for months but I just couldn’t resist any longer and I was really glad I bought it, it is stunning! I stamped it onto white pearlised paper with Versa Ink and heat dried it, and although you can’t see it, it shimmers, really pretty.


I then found the Doily die and off I go again, sometimes it just goes together so well, and this certainly did!

Oh…I forgot to show you what was inside Mum’s card!



Here’s a close up of her card too 🙂

Well from giving you not a lot over the last few weeks, I am now boring you to tears, so I shall run off and find something else to craft, as I love to share with you all.

Have a wonderful crafty week.


Kim x

Wishing You A Happy Chirstmas

Hello Crafters

I am sorry I have been a little absent but there has been so much to do and so little time, but I had to make time to just show you some of the many things I have been up to.


Hand Bag Gift Boxes 1

These handbags are perfectly sized to add a small gift inside, and the recipient can then re-use it for someone else! I will be writing a full post in the New Year on how to make them, and they are so simple you won’t believe it!


Unfortunately we had a sudden bereavement in our family, and it is never an easy thing, but at this time of year, it seems harder and more difficult to deal with, especially unexpected events and my heart goes out to all those in Glasgow and all over the world that are missing loved ones today.

My card I made was a Becca Feeken inspiration with my own twist of course, but the finished result was exactly what I wanted – elegant and simple.


More Christmas Gifts

I’ve also been busy making little stocking filler gifts, and these too will be on my blog in the New year


At present I have a fixation on boxes, so hopefully in the New Year, we will have lots of projects to show and tell, as I am sure you will be creating your hearts out!

For now though I have to get busy, finishing food shopping and baking Mince Pies and last but not least listening to Michael Bauble Chirstmas CD whilst doing the housework! 🙂

Have a wonderful Christmas


Kim x

Christmas By Candle Light

Hello Again Crafters

I have been doing a bit of browsing to try to comeup with some simple Christmas ideas and I found this wonderful idea by Stamp’ Up, and now I have had the chance to make it, I am even more delighted with the finished item.

Candle Gift Boxes

The box came out of one piece of card 25 cm x 16 cm and a few score lines, but looks so elegant and makes a wonderful gift and even better it is so cheap to make.

If you want to see how it’s made just go to Sam Hammond’s Stampin’ Up.

Gift box close up

She has some really good ideas with easy to follow tutorials. As you can see above they look really professional and make a lovely gift for any occassion.

Hope you have as much fun making these as I had!


Kim x

A Little Christmas Inspiration!

Hello Crafters

Its been a busy old-time again, I have had a change around and moved my craft room to another location. It was either that or I would have to move my bed out of my bedroom as the crafting had taken over!

My wonderful other half has given up his spare bedroom so I have totally taken over with all the crafting bits ‘n’ bobs, and my brother and son came down last weekend and fitted some worktops and units, so I finally have a fully functioning craft room to call my own. I feel so very lucky!

Now the craft room is in full swing, I wanted to make some little gifts for Christmas, and came across a few ideas and thought I have a go, and boy was I so chuffed I tried these ideas!

Gift Bag Large 1

A Simple Gift Bag

I wanted a simple bag to put some little things in, so I made this using an A3 (UK) sheet of card.


  • A Score Board & Stylus
  • Stamps – To make name tag
  • Dies of your choice to cut decorative element.
  • Accessories – Ribbon for handle, Hole punch, Scissors & Clear Glue.


  1. Take your A3 sheet and score at the following on the long edge – 6 cm,20 cm, 26 cm, 40 cm
  2. Turn your card/paper 90 degrees and score – 5 cm both ends.
  3. Fold all the score lines with your bone folder to give crisp folds. This helps the shape of the bag.
  4. Leaving the top edge folded over, make holes in the two larger sections to thread the ribbon through to make handles.
  5. Starting at the long edge, snip up to the first score line, this forms the base. You can remove the last small section on top and bottom as this forms the seam to the bag.
  6. You need to make a further score in-between the first and third sections to make the side fold of the bag. See diagram Gift Bag Template.
  7. Glue the small edge to the inside of the first edge.
  8. Square the bag up and tuck in the flaps at the bottom, then glue them in place.
  9. Add Ribbon. Can be held by brads instead of making holes if you prefer.
  10. Decorate as desired.

This bag is very simple, very easy and can be sized up or down, depending on what you would like. It’s also very quick.

Gift Bag Large 2

I hope this has given you inspiration to have a try….it certainly looks good when they have gifts inside! I stuffed tissue paper in mine first then threw in lots of different little things for christmas fun.

I wonder what ideas you have for yours?


Kim x

21st Exploding Box

Hello Crafters

Well I did promise to return and show you the exploding box. I made this for my friends daughters 21st, and I couldn’t show you before she had seen it as that wouldn’t be fair, and incase she got a sneak preview, but it is safe now!

Oh to be 21 again! I am realiably informed that she was wonderfully spoilt and the evidence appears to be on Facebook so no denying it there lol….anyway here is the creation and I will not list all the goodies used, but you can go to my other page to see how I made the exploding box, decorative and creative license is completely yours!

21st Exploding Box (32)

The theme here was simply from child to adult, with an ending of a box of bloomed flowers.

1. From Child…..

2. To Toddler……

3. To Teenager…..

To Woman….

 You could always add photos of each stage of growing, which would be a lovely keepsake.

21st Exploding Box (25)

Centrepiece – Blossomed into a beautiful woman.

Well thank you for popping by and taking a peek at my creation. It was a lot of fun to make and twice as much fun to give.

I will be back shortly to show you the other sneak peek I offered.

Have a lovely day


Kim x