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Exploding Slimming Box!

Hello Crafters

Long time no see! Can someone please tell the time fairy to go MAKE time instead of taking it! Where oh where did this last week go??? Firstly I must say that I have been popping in to all my favourite blogs, and although I may not have left a messsage, I have been visiting, so please know your blogs are still important to me, and have given me the ‘Crafters Fix’ when I haven’t been able to craft myself. So thank you for that!

I had my first week off from work this year and I simple have not stopped, just Christmas shopping, wrapping, buying, writing christmas cards(which off course I thought I had covered, but nowhere near), arranging, listing…….and I got to about Thursday and said”ENOUGH”! I said to Mr Kim, “Do you realise I haven’t even crafted for 1 day, or done my blog in weeks? I am definitely going into my card room and not coming out until something has been created!!!”

So briefly my friends I woke up with this idea a few days ago. I knew I was going over to my brother and sister-in-laws for dinner, so I wanted to say thank you and as Helen is a fellow Slimming World sufferer, I mean attendee, I thought about how difficult it is at Christmas time with all these treats about, and as Helen is a ‘Choc-o-holic’, I thought it would be nice to be able to reach for something that was already worked out in ‘Syns’ (fellow SW buddies understand this language) but for mere mortals this means ‘things we should not over-indulge on’, so I made an exploding box which would offer nice things that we could maybe be a little naughty with but not too much!

So here it is, and I am soooooo proud 🙂


As you can see, little treats inside compartments in the centre, and on the outside, each tag tells how much each item’s syn value is, all worked out using the slimming app to keep us on the straight and narrow.

These picture really do not do it justice, but Helen thought it was brilliant and it definitely will be a go to idea in the future for birthday’s etc.

Well, must dash, I have a get well card to make for my other sister-in-law, and yes……more presents to wrap, and a dinner to plan, ironing to do and it’s back to work tomorrow, so hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to slave we go!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


Kim x

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Fairy Exploding Box

Hello Crafters

How has you’re weekend been so far? Well this weekend has felt like I’ve been on a cyber ride running along at 200 miles an hour, I’m positive it was Friday afternoon 5 mintues ago, so where it’s gone I do not know…..if you see a Friday evening whizz past, chased by Saturday and followed by a rapid Sunday, can you trip them up please and send them back!

It has been a lovely journey though, as Friday saw the arrival of my friend’s birthday, and I couldn’t wait to give her the very special gift I had prepared for her, not a card but a box, and you all know I love making my boxes. This one saw the start a while ago, when I made some wonderful columns out of ordinary white card, and done my best to make them look like ruins, which I am proud to say I think they do but that is for you to decide in a moment when I give you the Exploding Fairy Box.

Now this box took 7 dedicated hours of painting, colouring, stamping, distressing and building, and I enjoyed every single minute, being lost in the world of Fairy Folk! No ordinary Fairies, but tiny little fairies that require only a box to live in.

I made a base box, and the instructions for this can be found on my other blog post. Remember that each box I make is different depending on what height is needed to accommodate all of the pieces.

The majority of the images were Lawn Fawns Fairy Friends stamp and dies, Puffy Clouds die, Lawn Fawn Forest Border, Lawn Fawn Stitched Mountain Border Die, Mama Elephant Grassy Trio, Creative Expressions Trailing Ivy, Spellbinders Curved Square & Decorative Curved Square. I think that’s it! The columns were entirely made by me with no die just my imagination! (There is a brain in there somewhere lol!).

Saturday appeared and this was my once a year card glass with a lovely group of ladies from Great Wakering, and we spent a few hours together making cards, which really flew by, but it was a lovely day, and we even had some lovely new faces too! I am considering having an evening card sessions once a month at home to see if I could actually make this a regular thing, and help others learn new things, so I was inspired by these lovely ladies.

Sunday was Mr Kim’s birthday, and we went for a birthday meal at Toby, with a few family members, so that was great too. I was very good and didn’t have too many things I shouldn’t, but I think Mr Kim had a bit too much, but that is what birthdays are all about!

So all in all, a really lovely weekend with lots of lovely people! I am feeling truly blessed to know so many wonderful people 🙂

Here’s wishing you a happy week ahead.


Kim x

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Wedding Wishings!

Hello Crafters

How are you? We started our day off with a lovely walk in the park this morning, and little lad certainly enjoyed it. He found great pleasure running round the circular rose beds with a big smile, absolutely loved it. We found a beautiful white rose there which was so fragrant, so it added a beautiful scent to the air. Must have been all that fragrance that made Will run ragged!

So thinking of the white rose, reminded me of a couple of wedding cards I made for someone a few weeks ago. I won’t take credit for the idea, I found that on Pinterest, as you do when inspiration is running low, but I did some tweaking (as I do with everything) and made a beautiful keepsake box to keep it in.

Wedding Card One

This was the first one, and it is made using 300 gsm White Card stock from Papermill Direct. The die used was Marianne Designs Creatables Anjas Filigree Heart. Such a beautiful die and cuts so well, and the detailing is incredible. The Mr & Mrs was from Creative Expression Shadow Box Accessories  and this fitted perfectly across the centre.

Wedding Card Two

Although it looks similar, there was a white backing on the front of the trifold, so the centre had a solid centre section. I took pictures using a white and black background for both so the detail is easier to see.

On the finished card, the inside of the box and card contained the initals and date of the event, but I took these before I added them.

I was pleased with both of them, and although they are quite small cards, the impression left is mighty!

Have a wonderfully crafty week.


Kim x