Nephew Shirt Card

Hi Crafters

I was racking my brains for a card to come up with for my Nephew’s birthday, and immediately my brain automatically was trolling through the dies I had.

I wanted a particularly male card so I decided to do a shirt base.


Nephew Shirt Card


  1. So first I calculated the size I wanted and I have some ready made pearlescent envelopes, so I measured the envelope which was 15.5 cm sq which allowing a margin meant I needed to make it 15 cm sq, which happened to be a perfect base.
  2. I then cut the necklace using the second smallest spellbinders large circles by finding the center of the card and measuring 2 cm either side, then placed the die edge on the marked area.
  3. Next i measure 5 cm down for the shirt sleeve, (do not cut this as it is your fold of the card) and then 2 cm in at an angle to finish the look of the sleeve.
  4. I then remeasure the length and marked at the bottom of the card the same distance in. Do this on both sides.
  5. Cut out using my craft knife and there you have your shirt base.
  6. I simply glued my chosen paper to the base and then cut out with the knife.

Next I made the waistcoat

  1. I measure the body width of the card and left a 1 cm gap in the middle.
  2. I took my paper and on the back drew out the arm shape and using a ruler, put in the straight lines for the lapel and body length, leaving a 2 cm gap to the bottom.
  3. I measured the distance of the half of the waistcoat, and found the center, and then draw the straight lines to form the peak at the bottom, I then cut using my craft knife and ruler.
  4. Next I drew the lapel on a matching piece and cut out, and flipped over and drew round to get the reverse lapel, then cut.
  5. For the pockets it was a tiny 2 cm by 0.5 cm piece on the same paper as the lapels.
  6. Glue the waist coat body to the card and mount the lapels and pockets with sticky foam.

You can now decorate to your hearts desire!

Voila, we have a shirt and waistcoat.

I am sure that there are many ways to do this but it was very simple and really quick!

Have a lovely bank holiday and I will see you soon




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