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Let’s Make Music!

Hello Crafters

Well I am getting truly excited as I am off to a craft fair tomorrow and cannot wait. Of course I have been browsing avidly at the new releases and making lists of all that the heart desires, so I shall share what happens next week.

Today I would like to share a card that was made a while ago for my nephew’s birthday. The image I have his one of him as a young lad singing and dancing to 70’s music, obviously a boy with taste, and he has always kept that love of music, so when it was time for his birthday, that happy image of him happily singing at the top of his voice came to mind, hence the card….

Here’s What Was Used:

The background was made from Distress Inks as I haven’t yet purchased any of the Oxide and think I will only replace once mine can’t give me such stunning results!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful happy creative weekend.


Kim x

4 thoughts on “Let’s Make Music!

  1. What a fantastic card Kim. The background looks amazing. Love it. I was reading your post and had floods of memories about 70’s music. Gosh and then the music of the 80s…what fun that was and the clothes!!! πŸ™‚
    Hugs Flo x

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