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Hello Crafters

How are you all? I do hope that you were kept safe in the storm, and that awful yellow sky that developed, apparently it was a sand storm from the Sahara Desert caught up in the hurricane! All I know is that it left an awful lot of dust all over everything, and Mr Kim had just cleaned the car too!

Just a quick pop in to share a card I made a little while ago and mysteriously took an awful long time to reach it’s destination – Gibraltar. Normally 5 to 7 days, but took 3 weeks! Think it had a little holiday all of it’s own!! At least it did make it’s destination and not go off to that big ol’ post box in the sky.

This was a card for a colleague, and a chance to test out the new embossing folder, and I must say, it really did turn out nice. I used the Encore Metallic Pink Ink and layered it on and then ran it though the machine, and it came out with this beautiful lace effect.

Items Used:

Well must get on, nearly time for bed and little lad could do with a little playtime.

Have a lovely week.


Kim x

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