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Mexican Skull Card

Hello Crafters

Well it truly has been a busy week, one of which I am glad to forget but, I have had a few hours where I got lost in creativity to lift my mood and I loved the results, and I am so glad to be able to share this one with you today.

Mr Kim’s daughter-in-law has her birthday today, and hopefully she has received this card by now as she loves Mexican Skulls and I saw the die whilst I was shopping in The Range and couldn’t resist! However I did need a good reason to purchase those stitched flowers and I think this is as good a reason as any!

What is a Mexican Skull?

Calavera (Spanish) – The term is most often applied to decorative or edible skulls made (usually by hand) from either sugar (called AlfeΓ±iques) or clay which are used in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (DΓ­a de los Muertos) and the Roman Catholic holiday All Souls’ Day

Items Used:

I was thinking about this for days before I made it, and I woke up with this imagine for the card, and it flew together.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and please remember your sun screen, it looks like it will be a scorcher πŸ™‚


Kim x


11 thoughts on “Mexican Skull Card

  1. Fabulous card Kim! So bright, cheerful and an instant smile.

    How weird is it that you should make this card now, when I’m currently making some felt Sugar Skulls for Little Cobs! His latest ‘thing’ is Zombies. Now although I know that Sugar Skulls aren’t Zombies per se, they’re more decorative and kind of cute in an odd way, so I thought I’d make him some of those a more decorative zombie. lol.

    You and I must have been tuned in on each other and taking inspiration from that close and psychic bond we obviously have …. or is it a psychotic bond? πŸ˜‰ LOLOLOL

    Great card Kim. I Love it.
    Wishing you a wonderful Saturday full of love (and crafting if possible) ~ Cobs. x

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    1. We are definitely on the same wave length! Lol, think it may be the second option, particularly in my case πŸ™‚ I am sure little cobs will love whatever Nanna makes, your his Super Gran. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs x

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  2. Brilliant! Really love this Kim. Especially like how you have done the flowers. I have some flower dies but they always look “flat some how” even when curling them etc. I think the stitch effect on yours gives them more interest and makes them pop more. Good buy! πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Hugs Flo x

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  3. Oh my what a gorgeous card! I love the bright colors! I had never heard of the Mexican Skulls. I’m sure she loved the card! It must have been one of those weeks as I had a “yuck” week too! It’s been pretty hot here all week….in the 90s all week! And add the humidity and it was pretty uncomfortable. Hopefully this weekend we get a little bit of relief with some rain that is supposed to be coming our way. We do need the rain! Have a good weekend!

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    1. I think you and me definitely run parallel lives, all I can say is I feel your pain! Boiling here been near to 96 today, so got the hose out and soaked the garden this evening and the woof, feels a little better now, but got to do the ironing so will be back boiling again soon 😦 You’ll have to pop in the garden and do a rain dance and one for me too please πŸ™‚ Have a great week x

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