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Birthday Scraps

Hello Crafters

What have you been up to today? I’ve been a very busy bee hence that’s why this post is a bit late today, so much to do, so little time!

We needed to go to our local Garden centre today, as Mr Kim had been helping with his allotments annual plant sale, and we have bought a few things that needed to be put in pots, so we set off to get some compost. We also needed some herbs as ours had died in the winter for some strange reason. We had a lovely trip, so many beautiful flowers, I could have bought them all home with me, but Mr Kim hurriedly said it’s time to leave! Once home we set about planting them all, and here is the end results:

As you can see little lad was on guard at all times to make sure there was no invasion of his property (i.e. next door neighbours cat!).

Once we had finished that, I then had to make some tasty things to take to my taster evening at Slimming World on Tuesday, so I was just about finishing my second recipe when my beloved Kenwood Mixer started making the most horrible sound and it died, so glad I stopped it as I swear it was about to explode! I’ve only had it 17 years, how very dare it! I’m heartbroken, we had so many good bakes together and our chocolate cake was legendary you know, so it appears that not only did our washing machine, tumble, freezer and fridge freezer think it was time to go, the mixer obviously agreed and went to that great big mixing hole in the sky too! Another thing on the list!

So I managed to finish the Chocolate chip chewy cookies, and the choco toffee cake (doesn’t sound like slimming world food I know, but these are their own recipes!). That’s when I realised I hadn’t done the blog……OMG….off to the craft room I ran…..and here I am – just!

So I have a little card to share today. As you know I am always saving scraps of paper and have featured cards made with these, and I was searching for something yesterday when I came across a few things I had cut but not used, and they all seemed to fall together, so I just went with the flow (Mr Kim came looking for me after 1 1/2 hours as he wondered where I had gone!), and I finished just before 11.30pm.

These are all things that I had cut and not used or discarded as I didn’t like something about them but couldn’t throw away, and now I like them! πŸ™‚

Here’s what was used:

Phew I think I made it! Hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting, always look forward to seeing you.


Kim x

7 thoughts on “Birthday Scraps

  1. Sweet card Kim. Love that it was all made from scraps too!

    The ‘garden fun’ photos are fabulous, and of course, Little Lad is the star of the show, naturally.

    With regard to your Kenwood Mixer … if it’s a Kenwood Chef, get a quote to have it repaired. Those machines are meant to last a lifetime, and they’re very much worth getting repaired. (Call Kenwood in the UK and ask for guidance about where to get it repaired).
    (If it’s not a Kenwood *CHEF*, ignore me totally. LOL)
    Great post. πŸ™‚ ~ Cobs. x

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    1. I wish it was, but it was a cheaper version that has been brilliant and I’m lucky it lasted this long, but I have just ordered the classic as l feel like my arm is missing not have my mixer and can’t wait to see what we can make! Thanks for the advice though your a virtual library of knowledge 😌 x

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      1. Virtual Library of Knowledge … LOL πŸ˜€

        Y’know … that bit about the Kenwood Chef was something I learned from my amazing, excellent Cookery Teacher when I was at school. She taught me stuff in such a way that it sunk into my brain and never left.

        It was only about 6 or 7 years ago that I finally was able to buy a Kenwood Chef. Before that, money was an object and always needed elsewhere.
        When I finally bought it, I felt like I’d suddenly grown up.
        I was a Grown Up – because I owned a Kenwood Chef. (a saddo?) LOL.
        Very good luck with your lovely new mixer. I shall await blog posts from you showing all the wonderful things you and your mixer have made. (including the recipes too so that we can all make them!) πŸ˜€
        ~ Cobs.x

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      2. Lol. It is amazing how some people have a wonderful teaching ability, my geography teacher was like that. Useless at Geography but remember what he taught me about the Lake District. I certainly will share my makes and recipes….watch this space lol x PS Your not a saddo or else l am right there with you! πŸ˜‚ x

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  2. Oh what a great card, and using scraps! Love it! Love all the plants! Your luck sounds like mine! First my dryer quit drying, then my dishwasher quit washing the dishes, the air conditioning quit cooling any air, and last week the washer decided it had washed enough clothes! Yuck…and my husband’s lawnmower quit running (it is only 35 years old! And he needs it as we have about an acre of yard!). Have a good week! πŸ™‚

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