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A Biscuit Treat!

Hello Crafters

Is your week going well, I hope so, mine will be quite busy by the time this posts out, meeting more work deadlines which as fast as you make one, another one looms!

An escape for me is sharing the things I make, and recently I have got back into making cakes and biscuits, which is really hard now as I shouldn’t eat them but the chef has to taste to make sure it is good enough, and that I don’t inadvertently poison anyone either!

We occasionally go to a really lovely restaurant close to us and the lady who serves us, Jayne, always has a smile and gives such a great service, and we were discussing that she has such a sweet tooth (You would never believe it as she is so small!), and she commented on her favourite butter shortbread biscuits with chocolate chip, and how difficult it was to get hold of them, so I thought I would make her some (nothing better than home made is there!), and on Thursday we will be paying a visit and presenting this little gift to her as a surprise. I can share with you as she doesn’t know about my blog, so I’m safe to post πŸ™‚

You can see here that I used Spellbinders D’Lites Medallion One for the cut out. The box I measured and cut in one piece using A3 card and made using the Hougie Board to fit to the hand made biscuits – As anyone noticed that this board is no longer available from Hougie themselves? – and then I made a schoolboy error, I wanted to protect the box from the grease of the biscuits, as these are all butter shortbreads, so decided to line with thick parchment, and I still don’t know why I cut the lining the way I did, which was in two strips which crossed in the middle to create a double thickness for the base, scored and folded and then glued in along the fold, but I should have known better. I should have done individual squares, as if you look closely at the top of the box, the lining buckles slightly, as I had to ensure it could be folded back as well as forward, but hey ho, it is hand made, and we are human, and this just makes that point! Serves as a good reminder not to do it again eh?

For the front flap, I partially cut the design pattern out and trimmed up to leave an opening, and then secured the ribbon to the box itself so you just thread the ribbon through and then tie shut. As the flap was quite intricate, I thought it best that way. On the base, I made four feet out of flat backed pearls.

So there you have it, a pretty box with all butter shortbread biscuits including little chocolate drops! I am sure she will love them.

Have a great week


Kim x

8 thoughts on “A Biscuit Treat!

  1. Oh what a great little surprise! Adorable box! I would not have thought to add those pearls to the bottom! I’ll have to remember that! So glad she loved her little gift! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you. I will let you know her reaction after this evening. Love giving people surprises, just like my previous scrapbooking post for my brother. Hugs x

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