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Hello Crafters

Well how has your week been? Hectic and strange would be my best description of this week, as it was back to work and get a move on to meet deadlines, and all the time, my head was still in Somerset (Think it still is!), and was so busy I had no time to craft anything this week as I have been busy trying to sort out this promised scrapbook video, and as a woman of my word, I have finally done it!

Why is it we hate the sound of our own voice? Still I said I would do this, so here goes…..

My First YouTube Video!

Hope you enjoy it!


Kim x

10 thoughts on “Scrapbooking!

    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t even think I had an accent, isn’t it funny how you don’t analyze yourself unless it’s something you dislike lol šŸ˜‚

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  1. Oh Kim, What a fabulous Album. Super video. I felt I was sitting opposite you whilst you described how you had created the album. Lovely, lovely ideas. Very inspiring. Never thought about using magnets before. Great to hear your voice. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos.
    Flo x

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    1. Isn’t it strange how our imagination conjures up sounds and images simply by looking? Thanks for the lovely comment, it always inspires! X


  2. Congratulations on your first YouTube video!! šŸŽŠ Your album is gorgeous!!
    Filming and uploading a video is a lot more work then it sounds, glad you stuck it out. Hope you had fun filming as well.

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