Balloon Celebration

Hello Crafters

Well my oh my hasn’t Mr Sunshine been parading around this week! Hope he’s made you feel full of warmth, because we needed something to make us feel good after this weeks awful events. I was lost for words that anyone, could carry out something so heinous as this and given that this brutal act is being paraded as an act of religion, just defies all logic! I cannot even talk about it but the feeling of love, support and harmony of Manchester is worth talking about. What amazing, uplifting and loving scenes has been shown by standing side by side and not condemning but showing true feelings of spirit and love that bring a community together, so overpowering and so memorable, what a wonderful community. THAT IS WORTH TALKING ABOUT, and my heart is with the families of those angels that are smiling down on us and feeling that love. God bless you all.

So in light of this, I wanted to share some warmth and colour with you today. Firstly the card I made for Mr Kim’s grandson. He’s a clever little lad and he is always wanting to learn, and sometimes when he visits and comes into my crafty heaven spot, he ask about what this or that does, and how does this work. I was a little lost as to what I could do for him, but this card was born from some scraps hanging around my work space.

KSC - Balloons May 17 (15)

I usually leave these bits on the top, so they annoy the hell out of me, and then I use them, it works, every time! That’s what happened here, I wanted to make a card but also to use these off cuts, as every time I look at them I don’t see waste I see frames! So that is how this card was born.

Items used:

I embossed a card with ink splats in white and used the distress inks over the top with a mix of colours to make a sheet of card to use for the balloons and sentiment. I then covered the balloons with glossy ink. I created the garden scene for the backdrop, and used the cute kitten as the focal point. Repeated on the inside without the frame.

Now, did I or did I not promise to show you pictures of what I would make with my new mixer? It hasn’t stopped since Friday bless it, but it is one mean bread and cake making machine, and I love it!

As you can see they don’t last long, and my will power is fading. I did have a roll but it was counted as a ‘syn’, and I had a small piece of upside down cake that has fresh pineapple, but I dare not touch the cappuccino cupcake!!!!

Anyway, got to dash, the ironing is calling and it is easier to do this at night when Mr Sunshine has taken his hat off and gone to bed!

Have a great week.


Kim x

Scrapbooking Part Two!

Hello Crafters

Just a pop in to share with you some photos of the scrapbook I recently shared on You Tube. I thought it only right that I share some photos with you, as I know not everyone uses You Tube, so here they are:

The album is made from scratch using Heartfelt Creations Raindrops on Roses 12 x 12 paper pack and Border Dies. I made the base of the scrapbook with 5mm thick cardboard.

My brother and sister in law has now received the album and loved it, and my other brother liked it so much, he wants one to, so let’s go see, now what paper shall I use?

Next post hopefully in less than 4 months!

Have a great week


Kim x

Birthday Scraps

Hello Crafters

What have you been up to today? I’ve been a very busy bee hence that’s why this post is a bit late today, so much to do, so little time!

We needed to go to our local Garden centre today, as Mr Kim had been helping with his allotments annual plant sale, and we have bought a few things that needed to be put in pots, so we set off to get some compost. We also needed some herbs as ours had died in the winter for some strange reason. We had a lovely trip, so many beautiful flowers, I could have bought them all home with me, but Mr Kim hurriedly said it’s time to leave! Once home we set about planting them all, and here is the end results:

As you can see little lad was on guard at all times to make sure there was no invasion of his property (i.e. next door neighbours cat!).

Once we had finished that, I then had to make some tasty things to take to my taster evening at Slimming World on Tuesday, so I was just about finishing my second recipe when my beloved Kenwood Mixer started making the most horrible sound and it died, so glad I stopped it as I swear it was about to explode! I’ve only had it 17 years, how very dare it! I’m heartbroken, we had so many good bakes together and our chocolate cake was legendary you know, so it appears that not only did our washing machine, tumble, freezer and fridge freezer think it was time to go, the mixer obviously agreed and went to that great big mixing hole in the sky too! Another thing on the list!

So I managed to finish the Chocolate chip chewy cookies, and the choco toffee cake (doesn’t sound like slimming world food I know, but these are their own recipes!). That’s when I realised I hadn’t done the blog……OMG….off to the craft room I ran…..and here I am – just!

So I have a little card to share today. As you know I am always saving scraps of paper and have featured cards made with these, and I was searching for something yesterday when I came across a few things I had cut but not used, and they all seemed to fall together, so I just went with the flow (Mr Kim came looking for me after 1 1/2 hours as he wondered where I had gone!), and I finished just before 11.30pm.

These are all things that I had cut and not used or discarded as I didn’t like something about them but couldn’t throw away, and now I like them! 🙂

Here’s what was used:

Phew I think I made it! Hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting, always look forward to seeing you.


Kim x

A Biscuit Treat!

Hello Crafters

Is your week going well, I hope so, mine will be quite busy by the time this posts out, meeting more work deadlines which as fast as you make one, another one looms!

An escape for me is sharing the things I make, and recently I have got back into making cakes and biscuits, which is really hard now as I shouldn’t eat them but the chef has to taste to make sure it is good enough, and that I don’t inadvertently poison anyone either!

We occasionally go to a really lovely restaurant close to us and the lady who serves us, Jayne, always has a smile and gives such a great service, and we were discussing that she has such a sweet tooth (You would never believe it as she is so small!), and she commented on her favourite butter shortbread biscuits with chocolate chip, and how difficult it was to get hold of them, so I thought I would make her some (nothing better than home made is there!), and on Thursday we will be paying a visit and presenting this little gift to her as a surprise. I can share with you as she doesn’t know about my blog, so I’m safe to post 🙂

You can see here that I used Spellbinders D’Lites Medallion One for the cut out. The box I measured and cut in one piece using A3 card and made using the Hougie Board to fit to the hand made biscuits – As anyone noticed that this board is no longer available from Hougie themselves? – and then I made a schoolboy error, I wanted to protect the box from the grease of the biscuits, as these are all butter shortbreads, so decided to line with thick parchment, and I still don’t know why I cut the lining the way I did, which was in two strips which crossed in the middle to create a double thickness for the base, scored and folded and then glued in along the fold, but I should have known better. I should have done individual squares, as if you look closely at the top of the box, the lining buckles slightly, as I had to ensure it could be folded back as well as forward, but hey ho, it is hand made, and we are human, and this just makes that point! Serves as a good reminder not to do it again eh?

For the front flap, I partially cut the design pattern out and trimmed up to leave an opening, and then secured the ribbon to the box itself so you just thread the ribbon through and then tie shut. As the flap was quite intricate, I thought it best that way. On the base, I made four feet out of flat backed pearls.

So there you have it, a pretty box with all butter shortbread biscuits including little chocolate drops! I am sure she will love them.

Have a great week


Kim x


Hello Crafters

Well how has your week been? Hectic and strange would be my best description of this week, as it was back to work and get a move on to meet deadlines, and all the time, my head was still in Somerset (Think it still is!), and was so busy I had no time to craft anything this week as I have been busy trying to sort out this promised scrapbook video, and as a woman of my word, I have finally done it!

Why is it we hate the sound of our own voice? Still I said I would do this, so here goes…..

My First YouTube Video!

Hope you enjoy it!


Kim x

Thank You!

Hello Crafters

How are you all, I think I have almost managed to catch up since coming home from our search of a new home county, and I must say, I really didn’t want to come home. We have fallen in love with Taunton, which was a surprise as we were leaning towards Chard, but I felt like I was at home in Taunton, so we are working things through now to see if we can afford to move there!

Somerset May 2017 (106) Web Pic

We stayed at a wonderful little barn conversion in Monkton Heath, and the owners were very friendly and helpful, and the place was amazing, surrounded by idyllic countryside and we went on many a walk with Little Lad as he was allowed too!

Somerset May 2017 (54) Web Pic

This was what we woke up to every morning, so you can understand why we didn’t want to come home, in fact other than my family, the only thing I missed was my card room!

As you can see little lad loved it, and we went walking everywhere everyday, and he came with us everywhere too including the town centres, and as he hadn’t done that before he behaved really well. We also took him to Vivary Park in Taunton which is a beautifully kept local park, and he absolutely didn’t want to leave. All in all we had a wonderful time, and the first thing I made on our return was a ‘Thank You’ to the owners who were so hospitable.

This beautiful stamp is from Honeydoo Crafts – Butterfly Fountain which is a lovely stamp. The ‘Thank You’ – Xcut was cut in fun foam and glittered with Stickles Crystal. I did try to show the background paper from Santoro that has a beautiful shimmer, but couldn’t quite get the angle right to capture it.

Well that’s it folks, not looking forward to return to work tomorrow as I know I will have to work like a trojan to catch up! On a brighter note, I hope to share a video with you (my very first) as I have finally finished the long awaited scrapbook that I keep mentioning (thank goodness). I am quite proud of it and although it’s not perfect, I can’t wait to share.

So hopefully I shall see you soon. Have a wonderful week 🙂


Kim x