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Fairy Aunt

Hello Crafters

Well I’m still a little shocked with what’s going on outside! Today I experienced sleeting snow, hailstones, freezing fingers and soaked to the skin rain……Southend?….. more like Siberia! I know we are suppose to be experiencing April showers but plllleeeeaaaasssseeee…………………………..! I am off shortly on our first holiday in years so can I just order a little sunshine and warmth, just a few little days in Somerset with s-u-n please!

Oh well (sighs deeply) I live in hope but till then I have a happy card to share with you. It’s my Aunt’s birthday soon, so I wanted something clean and refreshing, and I think I achieved that here.

These beautiful little fairies Mr Kim found by accident in The Range, and they are only about 4.5 cm tall but they are exquisite and cut like a dream and come with tiny flowers and butterfly. There is a little fairy door and a couple of other bits and all £1.99 each, I know, amazing. I have trained Mr Kim to spot a die from a mile away, and these were hidden right on the lowest shelf almost on the floor, in a small box. I tried to search for them online but couldn’t find them so I took a shot for you of what I have.

They are so sweet! Anyway back to the card. Took a while but feel it was worth it.

Items Used:

It really was a case of matt and layer all the way through, and I set the theme around the fact that I wanted the Fairy to sit on the flower, and the rest grew from there. I framed the scene with first the stitched rectangle and then the scalloped rectangle. Lightly edging some of the elements allowed it to stand out as I wanted to keep the theme all white with a hint of colour. I used the sparkle pens on the fairies for added texture.

Well that’s it folks. I hope to pop in with some pictures of our travels shortly, so until then, have wonderful crafty days.


Kim x