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Gearing Up!

Hello Crafters

Hope the little bit of warm weather has made us all feel a bit brighter, and although Mr Frosty is trying hard to creep back in, ignore him the next few days, Mr Rain also wants to make an appearance but I just think the flowers need to be watered and it’s much easier to do it all at once instead of separately!

I’m a little late this week, just didn’t seem to stop all weekend, and I am still trying to scrapbook, and I am getting there and can’t wait to share it with you, so working my little fingers to the bone to hopefully proudly display this work of art……

For now though I have made a card, which was conjured up whilst I slumbered, and was woken up with the idea and had an overwhelming urge (don’t get them much these days), to bolt into the card room and as they say ‘Get It Down‘. Weird how my brain actually thought about everything, who says we don’t dream in colour!

I must admit I do like this abstract style of card, and the theme running in my head was metal colours hence the blue grey look.

Items Used:

The paper is 160 gsm so wasn’t very thick, but I used 2mm foam tape on the outside and inside edge of the frame which made it nice and solid.

I was so pleased with the finished item, as it was better than what I had in my mind’s eye. Still wondering what I was thinking about to wake up with this image…..maybe I was a mechanical engineer in my last life!

Happy crafting


Kim x

8 thoughts on “Gearing Up!

  1. Wonderful card Kim. Love the colours especially with the cogs. They really shine out. Superb design as always. Isn’t funny when these ideas just pop into your head. For me its normally 4 a.m. in the morning. Why 4 a.m. and why 4 a.m. dead on the dot!? All good fun though hey.
    Flo x

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    1. It is the creative spirit that is obviously an earlier riser in your house! In my house it never sleeps and just wakes me constantly until I make it. Can yours teach mine to behave lol! Thanks for the lovely comments, and for your visit, which is always appreciated 🙂 x


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