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Blue Sky Tag Award

Hello Crafters

A quick pop in today as my lovely friend Mrs Cobs has nominated me for this award! My do I feel honoured – Thank You Cobs! You should pop over and see her blog The Cobweborium Emporium. She is a super talented lady, with an amazing ability to tell a story that will have you laughing and crying at the same time, and always an interesting fact to tell too!

So I’ve been asked these questions and I will try my best to answer:

Question 1: When the crafting bug bit you what was the first thing you made which gave you a sense of joy when you looked at your creation?

It was a wedding card. I was invited to a wedding with my friend who had recently separated from her husband, and she was finding it hard to go to places on her own, so I went along to hold her hand, but also to keep her away from the wine (bless her as she had developed a healthy interest in it)! It was around 6 years ago now, but I believe she still has it in her keepsake box (The bride I mean, not my friends empty wine bottle!) I remember feeling so proud of these few little pieces of embossed shiny card stuck on a gatefold card with a few wedding toppers and tied with silk ribbon. Felt so professional. That was in the days when I could fit my whole craft stash in a small plastic holdall, now I’m having to move house cos I have filled every space!!!

Question 2: Do you drive anyone in your family crazy with your crafting?

Well I cannot tell a lie, Mr Kim just doesn’t know what to do with me anymore! When we first met, I wouldn’t spend anything unless I was absolutely sure I would put it to good use. After we had been together a year, he bought me an eBosser, to help me make my sons wedding invitations, but then he said those immortal words (picture the scene), when my heart sang, the birds chirped and the sun streamed through and shone down on him and he reminds me at every opportunity – ‘Go on, treat yourself’ he said ‘You never buy yourself anything’………3 years later I haven’t stopped yet! His famous words now are ‘What you ordered now!’ πŸ™‚

Question 3: Do you buy anyone else’s hand crafted items, and if so, what is that item likely to be?

Wherever we go, which isn’t often, I like to go to those arty crafty Aladdin’s Cave never know what you’ll find type of place, and always seem to find hand crafted cards and goods. I usually end up buying something for my craft room that I will use over and over again, then I always have a memory of where I have been and it makes you think of the time you were there, whenever you see it. It still amazes me at all the talent there is out there to find.

Question 4: I have no doubt that you craft for other people … but do you ever make anything for yourself?Β  And if so … what things have you made for yourself?

Now this is so easy to answer, quite simply, boxes! We all know I have a thing for them, and I have made a couple of storage boxes to keep my embossing folders in, and have bought MDF storage ideas and decorated them but cards? decorative boxes? Thought never even crossed my mind!

Finally, Question 5: Do you sell your items, andΒ  … Where do you sell them?

Thank goodness I hear you say! Yes I do but usually only for what it costs to make it and it is always by word of mouth but I am in the process of trying to get enough together to start an online shop, and sell goods along side so it will be a sort of serious hobby turned happy job life, if you get my drift. I am happiest and most relaxed when crafting, and I have decided to make a lifestyle change so I can be a happy bunny every day…….so please keep your eyes peeled for hopefully won’t be long before http://www.kimstylescards.com will be a shop!

Thank you once again Cobs for your nomination, I hope I am worthy.

Now I choose the following 5 people for this award each for their own unique talent:

  1. Paperpuff
  2. A Little Crafting Time
  3. The House of Cards
  4. libleycraftsblog

  5. Kayte’s Krafts

All of these people have such wonderful unique skills, so please pop over and see their blogs.

Now please answer the 5 questions below:

  1. How much of an impact did crafting make in your life?
  2. What was your proudest moment of creation?
  3. Who inspired you in your world of craft the most?
  4. If you could choose one craft, what would you specialise in?
  5. When you purchase an item, what do you consider before you buy (other than the bank balance)?

Thank you for visiting and see you soon


Kim x



7 thoughts on “Blue Sky Tag Award

  1. Ooooo! Absolutely fascinating,wonderful answers Kim! Well done. I love your answers for they let a light shine in places we wouldn’t have normally seen, and it gave us all a more ’rounded’ view of what it is to be Kim. LOVED it. Seriously.

    Love your choices also, of who you wish to pass this on to. ❀
    Thank you for joining in, in such a fabulous way.
    Bless your heart. ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Congrats Kim! And thank you for nominating me. I am so humbled to be considered for this. I loved reading your answers to the questions. I will be keeping an eye out for that store! You create such lovely items! Congrats again! πŸ™‚

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