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Beautiful Squares

Hello Crafters

Have you all been crafting this weekend? I had a great time Saturday as one bestest crafty buddy came round and we had a right good crafty session, made me feel like a new woman (I really don’t ask for much you know :))

If we hadn’t of had so many intellectual conversations, we may, just may, have got a little more done, but when you don’t get the chance to catch up often, a woman needs to do, what a woman needs to do, of which we did admirably! On Wednesday though you will see just how wonderfully we did as she will be my first ever guest, so I can’t wait to show what we accomplished, but for now a beautiful card to share with you.

The Anja’s Circle captured my attention a while ago, purely because it was so beautiful, and I particularly love the Anja range of dies, and also like lattice work, this die has both so of course I just couldn’t pass it by, one of those love at first site things (Seem to fall in love a lot y’know).

Image result for anja circle

It’s pure elegance alone makes what ever project you wish to use this for a sheer joy, and I complimented it with the Marianne Passe-Partout smallest oval die, and because of the way it is made, stencilling through the die gives it another dimension which we did with distress inks.Image result for marianne passe-partout die

Then stamped with a sentiment from Dovecraft Floral Muse. Mr Kim bought it for my Christmas present, and it fitted in nicely.

Image result for Dovecraft floral muse stamps

My only beef again with these stamps are they really are squidgy, but I get round it by using the Misti to lightly stamp and keep inking it up and stamping until I get the depth of colour I need. Can’t complain though, as they are very reasonably priced.

Card we used was from Papermill direct and the glitter card was from (believe it or not) B & M Stores. Beautiful Ultra Fine glitter card, in 5 colours and the glitter does not come off! Really smooth feel too. Silver Mirra card from The Range, and you won’t find better value either for that card – 20 sheets for £3.99 silver or gold.

Well that’s it today folks, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a wonderful week, but please pop in on Wednesday, you will love what I’ve got to share with you from my crafty friend!


Kim x

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Squares

  1. Ooh, it is gorgeous. Lattice is so delicate and feminine, and your pinks show it off perfectly! Looking forward to seeing your guest!

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  2. Lovely card Kim … vibrant, lively colour. Lovely.

    I have nominated you for a Blue Sky Nomination. If you’d like to pop over to my blog, you’ll be able to read what you need to do. It’s not a difficult one. The worst bit is naming (only) 5 people to pass the award to. Five is far more achievable than some of the other awards I’ve seen going around! eeek. lol.
    Hope you don’t mind me nominating you … feel free to say no, and I’ll remove the blog name and link.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs x

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