Happy Birthday Niece!

Hello Crafters

Hope you have had a lovely weekend. As you can gather by the late hour of the posting, I have beenĀ  a bit busy (to say the least), but am very proud of myself today for cooking not 1 but 2 meals at the same time today! A full on very very lovely roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings, all home made, and full Lamb Curry ready for taster evening at Slimming World (Made from scratch too, no jar sauces here, thank you very muchly, as she puffs out her chest)! Also just before spent 2 hours walking around town, and (groan) yes, craft shopping I did too, but really shouldn’t as I should be saving as I’m off to Farnborough Make It Craft Show at end of the month, but you know, a girls gotta do……although Mr Kim bought me a Spellbinder Prizm for Valentine’s, isn’t he a sweetie?

So I did craft yesterday, but can’t show you yet, it was for Valentine’s, (hush, hush, say no more, nod, wink), so as we say, here was one I made earlier:

I used the following:

The background card is amazing, and I purchased mine from The Works, called Truly Refreshing! It is a 12″ x 12″ pad and one of the sheets has 4 of these amazing patterns, that fitted exactly with the dies. Job’s a gooden’!

Right so still got a bit to do before bed time, so I wish you lovely bloggers a wonderful week.


Kim x

Man Cave!


Hello Crafters

Hope you have had a great weekend. I’ve been de-cluttering, had an overwhelming urge to get rid of clutter around the place, think it makes you feel stressed, so I tried to find any space I could and put things away, instead of having them on show, and I feel much better for it! Mr Kim will probably take around a year to find everything, best game of hide and seek ever, cos by the time he asks me where it is I would have forgotten, so many a game will be had shortly!

So I haven’t had as much time this week as I would have liked due to the above (great for the soul though) so I found this to share, which I must admit took a bit of work, but came out a ‘right treat’, as some would say!

I suppose it should just be ‘Cave’ if we were being politically correct, but in this case, it really was a man cave! I worked it all out, measuring and cutting by hand and was quite pleased with how I managed to get the table at the right angle, cos it almost became an angled drawing board at one point and architect I was not aiming for!

So quick recap on dies used:

I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind a cave of our own, especially a ‘Crafters Cave’ in the back garden, would we!

Have a great week


Kim x

Something For The Boys!

Hello Crafters

Hope you all had a great start and that you’re all back in the swing of things! I had so much fun at home that I didn’t want to go back to work, so busy that I felt like one blink and the holiday was gone! Don’t know about anyone else but I live for my weekends, and I’ve only 12 more years to retirement, bring it on!!!!

As I was so busy, I only managed to craft for 2 days, so didn’t get much done as I wanted too, and I am busy scrapbooking my Mum’s memories for the family, and I truly didn’t realise how long it takes, so hats off to the scrapbooking community, you have my respect! So today I have an older card to share, and clean forgot about it until I just come across it.

This was made for Mr Kim’s son-in-law, he is a great miniature battle re-enact fan (I think that’s what he does), but I made a card for him in knowledge of his interest.


I was pleased with the way it came out, not much die cutting, just a few tags and and the cut out, was effective though. I love the Memory Box Open Studios Dies, this one is Distressed Baptisia, and I used Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes – Red Blaze for the cut-outĀ  background, tied in nicely with the theme. I then embossed the background with Spellbinders Garden Lattice Embossing Folder. These Tags from MFT – Stitched Fishtail Flags, I use them so often, a real must in my collection!

Well that’s it from me for now, must get back on the scrap booking wagon, got loads of albums to create and fill!

Have a great week.


Kim x