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Exploding Slimming Box!

Hello Crafters

Long time no see! Can someone please tell the time fairy to go MAKE time instead of taking it! Where oh where did this last week go??? Firstly I must say that I have been popping in to all my favourite blogs, and although I may not have left a messsage, I have been visiting, so please know your blogs are still important to me, and have given me the ‘Crafters Fix’ when I haven’t been able to craft myself. So thank you for that!

I had my first week off from work this year and I simple have not stopped, just Christmas shopping, wrapping, buying, writing christmas cards(which off course I thought I had covered, but nowhere near), arranging, listing…….and I got to about Thursday and said”ENOUGH”! I said to Mr Kim, “Do you realise I haven’t even crafted for 1 day, or done my blog in weeks? I am definitely going into my card room and not coming out until something has been created!!!”

So briefly my friends I woke up with this idea a few days ago. I knew I was going over to my brother and sister-in-laws for dinner, so I wanted to say thank you and as Helen is a fellow Slimming World sufferer, I mean attendee, I thought about how difficult it is at Christmas time with all these treats about, and as Helen is a ‘Choc-o-holic’, I thought it would be nice to be able to reach for something that was already worked out in ‘Syns’ (fellow SW buddies understand this language) but for mere mortals this means ‘things we should not over-indulge on’, so I made an exploding box which would offer nice things that we could maybe be a little naughty with but not too much!

So here it is, and I am soooooo proud 🙂


As you can see, little treats inside compartments in the centre, and on the outside, each tag tells how much each item’s syn value is, all worked out using the slimming app to keep us on the straight and narrow.

These picture really do not do it justice, but Helen thought it was brilliant and it definitely will be a go to idea in the future for birthday’s etc.

Well, must dash, I have a get well card to make for my other sister-in-law, and yes……more presents to wrap, and a dinner to plan, ironing to do and it’s back to work tomorrow, so hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to slave we go!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


Kim x

9 thoughts on “Exploding Slimming Box!

  1. OOOooooo, I say, Kim!! This is a work of heart if ever there was one.

    My goodness this must have taken you forever to make. What an incredible little gift. I love that you’ve put in the notes about how many of *this* or *that* is ‘worth’. It’s fantastic.

    Well done, my clever blogging friend. I’m impressed big time. She’s going to love this.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you cobs. I was absent for a while, just haven’t got enough hours at the moment, but l did have such fun making this, and I didn’t take one little nibble either! Helen absolutely loved it and I was most surprised that it only took 5 hours instead of my normal 8! That’s what happens when you wake up with a fully formed miracle creation in your head 😁. Great to see you here xx

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  2. I’m not surprised you’re proud of yourself Kim – this is just fabulous! What a fantastic gift for someone and especially the idea of working out all the ‘syns’ so they can just dive in and indulge without feeling guilty!

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