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A Little Something Different

Hello Crafters

Well this week apart from being a tiring one, has thrown me (I believe they call it) a curve ball, and it certainly made my imagination jump into action. I went into my local bank, and was chatting to the two lovely girls that were serving, and I mentioned that my hobby (or obession, whatever fits the bill!) was card making, and I explained some of the things I make, and one of them was exploding boxes, and as usual the response was, ‘What’s an exploding box?’

Luckily I haven’t removed pictures I had on my phone, so I showed them what I meant, and how I love to make them. Keeley, then stated how important cards were to her, and how difficult she found it to find really good cards that were right for the person she was looking to buy for. That really warmed my heart, as I thought that card sending was losing it’s charm these days, so to hear that some of our next generation were actually interested in sending good cards….well I was chuffed. Then she spoke about how hard it was to find certain types of cards for her friends, i.e. not pastel fluffy ones, but different darker coloured cards…. and ‘ping’ the brain kicked into gear (always a good  thing to know it still responds like that, you know), and I said, ‘You mean like a goth card?’, and they both looked at me and said that would be brill! So I gave my blog details to them and said have a look and see what you think.

At that point my other half didn’t get much say in the matter really, and the next minute I was dragging him round the range saying, ‘I have a great idea…….!’ Well too many pounds later, we are home and I am crafting away in my little room, with the other half saying, ‘She never said she wanted to buy one!’

So here we are….can you guess what I dived for? The thing that I associate with the Goth theme is the Gorjuss range, and here it is….

I am really pleased, that such a little conversation can make you jump up and evaluate a new exploration avenue.

Well Keeley, I hope you have a look and your pleased with this card, thank you for your inspiration!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Kim x

5 thoughts on “A Little Something Different

  1. OooooOOOOOooo … Kim, they’re FANTABULOUS! So deep, so dark and yet … not in the least bit scary or grusome. Rich, warm, and if someone bought this one, I would think that it had been chosen with great care, and … paid a fortune for it.
    I’d call this a TOTAL WIN!

    Truly a GREAT make … but then . . . you only make great makes, my beautiful blogging friend.
    Big hugs from me here to you there ~ love ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Super card. I really like how you have used the diagonal lines to add interest, and the colour palette is fab. Hope you get some new customers!


    1. Thank you PaperPuff! Any customers at all would be a great start! My dream is to retire from the daily slog and make money through craft…..oh well….one day 🙂 x

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