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Plant Inspiration

RHS Hyde Hall Apr 16 (15)Hello Crafters

How have you been? The weather hasn’t exactly been helpful has it, but all the more reason to craft eh!

I have been out and about, as the creative juices needed inspiration so we recently joined the RHS, so off we trotted for a day out. We visited Hyde Hall, and it was massive! The atmosphere was friendly, and helpful. The plants were really beautiful, healthy and the air was fresh and clean. Walked around for 3 hours, then came home and walked the little lad, so was thoroughly pooped!

During our visit we had lunch in a 16th Century Barn, beautifully restored, and the staff were lovely, it was the best sandwich I think I have ever had and the luxury hot chocolate drink, well dare I say better than s*!! Very naughty but it definitely does the soul good!

There were numerous areas of beauty to view, and the landscaping inspired you to think about your own garden, and we bought a few plants. I am trying to recreate a little alpine rockery, just by our back door, so I got a few little plants to brighten up the area.

It really was a lovely day, and here are a few little friends we met along the way, some even good enough to pose for us!

Yes, the inspiration was awoken by all the wonderful colours of the flowers and the countryside

So when I got home I had time to quickly make a little card:


I hope you had a lovely weekend, what inspired you today?


Kim x

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