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A Date To Keep

Desk Calendar 2016 (2)

Hello Crafters

I thought I would share with you a couple of projects I made for the family. Very simple but a nice gift. I saw something similar in a magazine, and that is what gave me the idea.

It is a little calendar with a sticky note attached and a saying by patience strong. I made these for my sister-in-laws, but I think they are a nice gift for anyone. I made sure that the base size would fit into an A5 envelope so they would be easy to post, and I tried to keep the embellishments soft, so they wouldn’t be too bulky.

Desk Calendar 2016 (3)

I purchased a sticky pad that wasn’t too big and then measured 10 cm either side and 19 cm long. Simply choose some pretty card plain and decorative, and matt and layer. I added a sentiment from a disc I had bought from Joanna Sheen called Patience Strong Volume 1. This is no longer available there but you can get it from Amazon. There are lots of other CD’s that you could use.

It is a great way to be able to use up scraps too if you wanted to make a smaller version, by using the small cube type sticky pads.

Well I hope you have an inspiring day. I am off to make an exploding box, a theme which I haven’t done before, and I will be sharing that with you next time. Wonder if you will guess the theme for this one?

Happy Crafting


Kim x