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A Little Bit of Floral!

Hello Crafters

Just popping in to update you on a little experiment I carried out last night, and the reason for the experiment was Darsie Bruno. She is a very inspiring crafter and has given me so many ideas when I have those ‘blank’ periods and last night I had previously seen a video of a pop up box that lays flat to post, so I thought I would give it a try, and I am mighty pleased with the first attempt.




Cut and emboss 4 no box sides, 1 large decorative edge, 3 no small decorative edge & 3 strips. Burnish all the edges except one of the sides, as this will be the back of the box. In order to show you much better than I how to put this together, view Darsie’s video tutorial.

To make the flowers I simply cut out 5 different sizes of flowers and coloured as I wished and using the Royal Fern as leaves to fill the area and make it look full.

It really is a cheerful little array of flowers, and I have someone in mind of who to send to. I also know they will love it!20150428_224010

I was surprised how easy and quick this was to put together and probably the most time consuming bit, was making the flowers, but I really enjoy that anyway.

Well, as I said only a quick little pop in today.

Hope you have a lovely crafty evening!


Kim x

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