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Stamp Storage Idea.

Hello Crafters!


Apologies for not posting sooner, but my poor computer was having blue screen fits and I had to take it to a doctor who has now solved the problem. In the coming month it will have a new brain too, so hopefully we won’t get many more problems! In the meantime, I have been crafting, as always and looking at storage problems I have, and trying to think of ways to solve them. Well I am really pleased with myself for coming up with this one! It may well be that it has already been a tried and tested method of someone else, but I genuinely have not seen this anywhere, not even on Pinterest!

It is so simple, easy and cheap and that is always a good combination!

I was forever changing the way I stored my stamps but the only way I liked was already staring me in the face with the Justrite Stamps. The red rubber stamps already come with the acrylic covered sheet and I love this, but not the clear stamps, so I decided to make my own. I had already purchased the white acrylic stamping system advertised but I hated keeping it in a A4 lever arch file, so I devised my own plan, and hopefully someone else will find it useful too.


  • You will need a laminator & A4 laminating sheets
  • A5 Medium Thickness Craft Card
  • Corner Punch
  • Packaging that came with your stamps.


  1. Using the craft card cut 2mm off all round then round the corners.
  2. Using the card insert that came with your stamps, attach to one side of the card.


  3. On the other side, attach the label carrier backwards.

20150404_123622  4. Place inside laminating pouch and make sure you leave 2mm edge all round in order to seal. I did 2 at a time, so make sure you have a gap between them as you will need to cut them apart and they will need to have an edge round both of the cards.

5. Lay your stamps in the correct place and then place the piece of acetate over the top to stop the stamps from sticking to each other. I add a piece of clear sticky tape to the top of the clear acetate to stop it falling off.

If you don’t have any usable packaging that came with your stamp, simply stamp the image on a piece of card and you can then laminate, and use the blank side as storage.


There you have it, a really simple easy stamp storage solution that doesn’t cost the earth. The laminator I bought was from The Range. The laminating sheets you can buy there too.

I hope this helps with all your stamps as you can use and size these as you want, so even the smallest can be put into nice neat boxes!

2015-04-04 14.21.35

It is now so easy to use and if you want to, you can catalogue them and write a number on them before you laminate, so you can always find them. I didn’t think of it before I started but you can buy permanent pens and write on the laminated surface that way.

Well I’m off to craft a little, before I start cooking a wonderful authentic Italian Lasagna, with fresh pasta, herbs and home cooked cheese sauce….yummy!

Have a wonderful Easter, and keep crafting


Kim x