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Christmas By Candle Light

Hello Again Crafters

I have been doing a bit of browsing to try to comeup with some simple Christmas ideas and I found this wonderful idea by Stamp’ Up, and now I have had the chance to make it, I am even more delighted with the finished item.

Candle Gift Boxes

The box came out of one piece of card 25 cm x 16 cm and a few score lines, but looks so elegant and makes a wonderful gift and even better it is so cheap to make.

If you want to see how it’s made just go to Sam Hammond’s Stampin’ Up.

Gift box close up

She has some really good ideas with easy to follow tutorials. As you can see above they look really professional and make a lovely gift for any occassion.

Hope you have as much fun making these as I had!


Kim x

Hand Made Cards

A Little Christmas Inspiration!

Hello Crafters

Its been a busy old-time again, I have had a change around and moved my craft room to another location. It was either that or I would have to move my bed out of my bedroom as the crafting had taken over!

My wonderful other half has given up his spare bedroom so I have totally taken over with all the crafting bits ‘n’ bobs, and my brother and son came down last weekend and fitted some worktops and units, so I finally have a fully functioning craft room to call my own. I feel so very lucky!

Now the craft room is in full swing, I wanted to make some little gifts for Christmas, and came across a few ideas and thought I have a go, and boy was I so chuffed I tried these ideas!

Gift Bag Large 1

A Simple Gift Bag

I wanted a simple bag to put some little things in, so I made this using an A3 (UK) sheet of card.


  • A Score Board & Stylus
  • Stamps – To make name tag
  • Dies of your choice to cut decorative element.
  • Accessories – Ribbon for handle, Hole punch, Scissors & Clear Glue.


  1. Take your A3 sheet and score at the following on the long edge – 6 cm,20 cm, 26 cm, 40 cm
  2. Turn your card/paper 90 degrees and score – 5 cm both ends.
  3. Fold all the score lines with your bone folder to give crisp folds. This helps the shape of the bag.
  4. Leaving the top edge folded over, make holes in the two larger sections to thread the ribbon through to make handles.
  5. Starting at the long edge, snip up to the first score line, this forms the base. You can remove the last small section on top and bottom as this forms the seam to the bag.
  6. You need to make a further score in-between the first and third sections to make the side fold of the bag. See diagram Gift Bag Template.
  7. Glue the small edge to the inside of the first edge.
  8. Square the bag up and tuck in the flaps at the bottom, then glue them in place.
  9. Add Ribbon. Can be held by brads instead of making holes if you prefer.
  10. Decorate as desired.

This bag is very simple, very easy and can be sized up or down, depending on what you would like. It’s also very quick.

Gift Bag Large 2

I hope this has given you inspiration to have a try….it certainly looks good when they have gifts inside! I stuffed tissue paper in mine first then threw in lots of different little things for christmas fun.

I wonder what ideas you have for yours?


Kim x

Hand Made Cards

Christmas is coming….

Hello Crafters

Yes it won’t be long now before the choas of Christmas will reign supreme! Personally, I think it has lost it’s meaning, it should be about family and friends and spending all important time together, but it has become so commercialised and it seems all about how much or how big a gift is given. For us this year we are keeping it nice and simple, and I am looking forward to spending Christmas Day cooking, chatting and laughing with all who is dear and on Boxing Day, we have the grandchildren coming to stay.

So today, I thought I would simply showcase a couple of christmas cards, that I made recently, to get in the spirit of Christmas!


This card was made using SB Grand Decorative Ovals, Poinsettia and Classic Large Circles.


This card was made using SB Diamond Effects Card Creator.

2014-11-15 13.37.34

This was a simple decoupage with layering and matting.

I have been trying to use all the bits and pieces of card stock, that I keep saving, and so far it is reducing, so I shall just keep on rummaging around the boxes! I did have a clear up and put the offcuts all into different colour files and it is now so much easier to go to, when I need a piece of card a certain colour and it has saved me from cutting up full sheets when I only need a smaller cut.

Well I’m off to put the finishing touches to a lovely little steak and kidney pie I am baking, and get to spend some time with my partners family too!

Have a lovely weekend!


Kim x