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21st Exploding Box

Hello Crafters

Well I did promise to return and show you the exploding box. I made this for my friends daughters 21st, and I couldn’t show you before she had seen it as that wouldn’t be fair, and incase she got a sneak preview, but it is safe now!

Oh to be 21 again! I am realiably informed that she was wonderfully spoilt and the evidence appears to be on Facebook so no denying it there lol….anyway here is the creation and I will not list all the goodies used, but you can go to my other page to see how I made the exploding box, decorative and creative license is completely yours!

21st Exploding Box (32)

The theme here was simply from child to adult, with an ending of a box of bloomed flowers.

1. From Child…..

2. To Toddler……

3. To Teenager…..

To Woman….

 You could always add photos of each stage of growing, which would be a lovely keepsake.

21st Exploding Box (25)

Centrepiece – Blossomed into a beautiful woman.

Well thank you for popping by and taking a peek at my creation. It was a lot of fun to make and twice as much fun to give.

I will be back shortly to show you the other sneak peek I offered.

Have a lovely day


Kim x

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