Hand Made Cards

Experimental Sunday 1

Hello Crafters

Do you know how things roll around in your head, ideas pop up or you see something that you want to try.  Well today I have been trying a few techniques out and seeing how ideas pan out! Still not sure I like all the results but that is where you come in. I would really appreciate your opinions!

My first card was the result of a present from my wonderful other half in the shape of a card creator die. When I receive a new die like this, I just like to make a card using all the dies and that then gives me the results of what they actually look like before I try to use them with others.


  1. I simply cut all the dies out, then using hammered white card, make a card base.
  2. It looked really lovely in white but I wanted to add a splash of colour. So first I added glitter to the edge of the oval, although it doesn’t stand out.

Close Up Heirloom

  1. Then I decided to stamp with Brilliance Galaxy Gold. This was the first time I had stamped over a die cut out, and I was quite pleased with the results.
  2. I then mounted the pieces with foam pads, thicker on the first layer and thinner pads on the rest.
  3. I used the smallest die for the flowers that were made of tissue and edged with gold.

Let me know what you think, your ideas are always welcome!

Kim x