Hand Made Cards

Stickles Storage!

Hello Crafters!

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent. Life has been just like the weather too much, and unfortunately not enough hours in the day to do all I love to do!

Anyway, this is just a quick post and again pinterest is too blame!

I saw a post about how to store your craft things with a wonderful idea highlighted by my card making guru Becca Feeken, so I got some time today and finally put it into practice. This is such a wonderful idea I just had to try it, and here is the result…..

It really was so simple and took about half an hour to put together, once I had all the bits.


  1. Purchase some 15mm hook and loop sticky backed material and an A4 acrylic stand. I bought all mine through ebay and altogether it cost around £7 for everything.
  2. I then measured 4 pieces of hook tape and cut to the width of the A4 acrylic stand.
  3. Using a stickle bottle I measured the height of the bottle and stuck the hook tape onto the A4 acrylic stand so it was roughly in the middle of the bottle height.
  4. I then cut thin slivers of the loop and stuck on the back of the stickle bottle.
  5. Hey presto…..Stickle Storage….. and anything else you can use this way.

The only thing I will say is make sure you use the hook on the A4 acrylic stand otherwise it will be rough on your fingers if you stuck it to the bottle.

Also my acrylic stand wasn’t very thick so get something that has a bit of strength so it doesn’t bounce around like mine 🙂

Happy Stickles Storage Day


Hand Made Cards

Experimental Sunday 3

Hello Again Crafters

Well this was my last experiment (Sigh!), I never want to stop once I start!

I have been looking for ideas for different types of boxes, as I have had a bit of a ‘box’ run recently, so I spent a while looking and getting some ideas.

I didn’t want to copy so I created my own from scratch, and to be fair, I couldn’t even begin to post all the steps here, but I would like your opinion on the end result.

Gift Box


Personally, I am in two minds, can’t decide if I like it or not, but it will become a gift for someone at Christmas. It certainly is huge inside, so I will be buying little bits and pieces to fill it up!

Inside Gift Box


So once again, I ask for your opinion, I did get all the things rattling around in my head out, so hopefully next week, I can craft with free spirit!

Oh and a wonderful piece of news…..I finally finished the day time wedding invitations for my son and his fiancee…..YIPPEE!!!! 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon!

Kim x

Hand Made Cards

Experimental Sunday 2

Hello Crafters

The second card I made was an experiment with gilding wax.

I can’t help but think that everytime I see the 3D embossing folders, that I want to make them come alive with gilding wax! The wax makes the impression look like metal, and I love that idea. When it comes to making men’s cards, this idea always comes first but I struggle to get the effect I want, however today I was really pleased! First I thought bronze, then Green!



  1. I cut a plain white card base and then printed 2 of the Spellbinders Medallion Folder.
  2. Cut out the oval circle of the middle of one of the embossed card. Colour with Distress Ink Bundled Sage and go over the top with Cast Bronze gilding wax.
  3. Using Distress Ink Bundled Sage, add to the decorative oblong shape.
  4. Using Cast Bronze Gilding Wax, add to the edge. I got a really good result with the wax using make up sponges, that I bought from the pound shop.
  5. For the second embossed piece, I ink with Bundled Sage all over and glued to inside of the card. I cut and embossed the largest oval of the Spellbinders Large Ovals and ink the same, but lightly. Edged with a bronze brush maker. Then stamped in bronze with versa ink in the centre of the oval with a sentiment. Mount on 3mm small foam pads and place in the centre.

The picture above didn’t do it justice, so I found a sunny spot and took another;

Medallion Embossing Folder

Now you can see just how effective this can be!

What does your ideas with gilding wax create, I would love to know 🙂

Kim x