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Confirmation Exploding Box

Hello Crafters

This weekend I have been busy making a special request confirmation box.

I had great fun and as soon as I was asked, an image popped into my head and there was no hesitation in what I wanted to do, which makes a refreshing change!

I saw an exploding box with a decorated cross as a centre piece, and I was over the moon that it turned out exactly as I saw in my mind.



How I made this:-


  • 300 gsm white card
  • Gold Mirror Card
  • Acetate
  • Spellbinders Floral Ovals, Labels Twenty Three & Large Oval Dies
  • Sizzix Thinlets Die – Dove, Cross, Border & Banner
  • Spellbinders Dainty Dots & Reverence Embossing Folder
  • Flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts
  • Feathers, Ivory Pearls, Ribbon and synthetic foam.
  • Cosmic Shimmer dry clear glue, Stickles, foam pads, removable tape & hot wax
  • Decorative words or pieces to finish.

How I made this:-

  1. First I measured the centrepiece for the size then I cut 3 no white pieces for the base of the box 13 cm x 13 cm and 2 Gold Mirror card piece 12.6 cm x 12.6 cm. I no White Card 19.2 cm x 19.2 cm for Lid, scored 3 cm all round.
  2. I then cut the four white box sides 13 cm x 18 cm and scored 2 cm in on the longest side to create flaps. Snip the corners off the flap so they seat neatly when attaching to the base. On two of the four sides, I then found the centre of the card and cut the oval aperture.
  3. I then cut 8 pieces of gold mirror card, 12.6 cm x 15.6 cm. Using the white card with aperture as a template, I centred the Gold mirror card on top of the white card held in place with removable tape and flipped it over so you could see where you want the aperture to go. I then place the oval die back in the aperture with removable tape and marked the oval on the back of the Gold Mirror Card. Once the aperture was cut in 4 pieces of the mirror card, I then embossed using Spellbinders Dainty Dots folder.
  4. I then embossed  the 4 remaining Gold Mirror Card pieces with the Spellbinders Reverence Folder and the Gold Mirror Card Base.
  5. Next I cut 2 Sizzix Thinlets Cross pieces in Gold Mirror card and using a small synthetic foam about .5 cm in between the top and the bottom, I glued together, the bottom foam pad slightly above the base. To hide the synthetic foam I decorate with a tiny rose and feather pieces.
  6. Cut 2 no Sizzix Thinlets Doves and emboss, using 2 thin pieces of acetate about 1 cm wide, fold 1 cm in on the top and 1 cm in on the bottom, then glue to the dove. The bottom piece of the acetate should be the opposite fold to the top i.e. a ‘Z’ shape. This helps to make the dove stand up when inserting into the base. Leave to dry and then decorate if you wish.
  7. I then glued the White card tapered box sides to the base where you had scored the card, making sure the sides are able to bend upwards to form the box sides.
  8. Glue the second white base card over the tapered edges, this strengthens the base.
  9. Using the 3rd white base card, glue the embossed gold mirror card base. Once dry, cut 2 small slits in the centre, and a small slit for the acetate with doves where you wish to place them.
  10. Cut 2 no oblong pieces of acetate to cover aperture.
  11. Die cut and emboss 4 no pieces of Spellbinders Floral Ovals (or die of your choice) to dress the aperture.
  12. Lastly using card cut for box lid, make small wedge cuts to score line, red lines in diagram:

Exploding Box Lid Guide

To Assemble:

Inside Box:


  1. Insert the base of the cross into the centre slits with glue so you can view through the apertures. Before inserting the acetate and doves, take a plastic ruler and gently placing your thumb over the acetate whilst on the edge of the ruler, pull to form a gentle curve. Repeat until you have the effect of a dove flying away from the centre of the box. Insert acetate strip with dove and underneath the base, glue the small acetate in place, once you have the dove positioned correctly. Place foam pads all around outside, and across the acetate tabs for security and 2 in the centre for strength. I then decorated with fluffy feathers, roses and Stickles glitter to give the image of floating on a cloud when you look through the aperture.


Outside Box Assembly:

  1. Next glue the acetate oblongs over the apertures on the inside. Then glue the embossed aperture gold mirror card either side, lining up the apertures. Glue the Floral Ovals either side to finish the aperture.
  2. Glue the remaining gold embossed box sides, both sides, into place.
  3. On the box lid, fold and glue the tabs to form the box lid. Glue embossed Gold Mirror card to lid top and decorate.
  4. Decorate to finish.


Today has me feeling very accomplished 🙂

Take Care

Kim x

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