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Exploding Box for a New Baby Girl

Hello again crafters

New Baby Girl - Exploding Box 1

I have been pretty busy this weekend, still making those wedding invitations, but the process has speeded up at bit now I have a second die!

Yesterday I was hard at work, designing and making a large exploding box for a friend who wanted something a bit special for a work colleague who was expecting a bouncing baby girl.

So I set to work, as I hadn’t made the larger style boxes, I put my thinking cap on and got to it!

I made the box base as follows:

  1. I cut the base using 300 gsm White card, 13 cm x 13 cm, and scored 2 cm in, all round, then snipped off the corners.
  2. Then cut 4 no sides 11 cm x 11 cm with the same card.
  3. I then glued the  sides onto each flap.

Box Lid:

  1. I then made the box lid using 300 gsm White Card and cut a square 17.4 cm x 17.4 cm and scored 3 cm all round. The .4 cm left me space to decorate inside and outside of the flaps.
  2. I then cut tiny wedges out of the flaps up to the score line, on each flap, one side only and glued together.

This created the basic box and the rest was all down to how you wanted to decorate. I decorated using silver mirror card on each flap inside and out cut .4 cm less all round and then inside used pretty paper, and outside embossed white card, again cut .4 cm smaller, and layered. Using toppers, I decorated the inside and out.

The real  painstaking, fiddly, time consuming work, was the main features, a cot for the inside and tiny shoes for the box top. I did research these and thanks to all those sharing crafters, I came up with some wonderful results.

This is where I got my pram idea –

This is where I got my shoe pattern – (Not sure if this link will work, but can be found if you search Google).

So after a few hours of hard labour, I am very proud to show you the results!

Inside The Box – Decoration

New Baby Girl - Exploding Box 3


Inside The Box Center – The Cot


New Baby Girl - Exploding Box 4




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