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Mini Photographic Studio on a budget!

Hello All

I finally managed to summon time to make my self a little photo studio, so that the cards will be shown in all their glory. As we all know from our own photo disasters (or is it just me), it is difficult to get a great clear shot when you want the detail to be shown.

So I set about making a mini studio, that will reflect light and show detail at it’s best. As I haven’t won the lottery yet,  budget was of great importance so I think I have come up with a pretty good solution.

I was tempted to ask my long suffering brother to build me a box (I will save that for later lol), but for now I found a reasonably sized box for the job and covered it, first a layer of ordinary white printer paper, then a layer of bright white paper (I know a little pricey,but the end result is worth it). My wallpapering skills came in very handy, and that tube of glue I was going to throw away, was very well recycled, so all in all I managed to put together a mini photographic studio for next to nothing!

All I need now are two small lights to get rid of the shadows and Bob’s your uncle, we are there.

Here are the preliminary snap shots, see if you can tell the difference.

Photo Studio Take 2


Take 1 – Taken with camera flash.





Photo Studio Take 3


Take 2 – Taken with only 1 desk top lamp to the left side, just need another to the right.





Thanks Mum, you are right, where there is a will, there is a way 🙂

Happy Creating!